Funny Fish 11:07am, 7 June 2005
Hi everyone,
To be honest, I only joined this group because I have a very annoying computerproblem. Neither Microsoft nor Modem-provider wants to help us. IMB wanted money before I even had a chance to ask.

Probably most of you are Mac-user, but maybe someone can help me anyway:
I have 2 computer connected to one fast Internet-access. One is XP, the other one Windows 98. When I open the browser-window on mine (Windows 98) it shopuld appear on the right hand side bottom 'Internet'. But it doesn't (instead 'arbeitsplatz', don't know the english word, literally: 'Workplace'). Only if I access the page of the modem-provider I can enter Internet and everything looks alright (but can't change site)...can someone help!?
tacit watch [deleted]

Any reason to join is a good reason and hopefully we'll be able to tackel your issue. I'll presume that this is either a very small business network, or a home network. What would needed is how they two are connected to each other. Are they daisy-chained with CAT or is there some other middle man like a router or hub involved.

Please respond as soon as you can. With a little more information I should be able to help you with your issue.

Also if your not with a hub/router, which box is the 'net' running to. The XP or 98 box.

Let us know, we crave challenge. I'm off to go to a persons house now to help with a networking issue, so will be offline for a few hours. If this is drastic information feel free to drop my cellular phone a text message @ 2627517463 or call me, either way.

If you need a website to send a text message from query Google for one, or just hitup

Best of luck, lets get this problem a beautiful solution!
hherbzilla 13 years ago
I don't have an answer, but want to note how impressed I am with eshm's willingness to help!
Funny Fish 13 years ago
Its the graphic on the bottom left. We have them connected througha 'Gateway', 'Linksys, Wireless-G.
On the Windows 98 the Cable to the 'wild west'(I suppose that the internet?) is connected in form of a card. But I think its probbly soething with the browser...???
Pete Hindle 13 years ago
Also, what a diagram! It's a beauty!
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
@Funny Fish: You'll have to pardon me as there are a few things I need cleared up from you initial post. If you could elaborate a little more as to what you mean when you say 'it should appear on the right hand side bottom 'Internet'. But it doesn't 'Workplace')'

Ideally if you could take a few screenshots in aide of this solution that would be excellent too. Also you have noted that you can only access your ISPs homepage on your Win98 box, and cannot achieve connectivity to any other domains. Is that the case or have I perceived it incorrectly.

I ask these questions cos if your only getting access to your ISPs page, and nothing else, I'm assuming the Win98 is completely isolated from the Internet (the "Wild West") and quite possibly the WindowsXP box. But were hoping you have connectivity to that box otherwise uploading screen shots to Flickr might be painful.

If you don't want to plague your Flickr stream with screen shots feel free to email them to me directly: mesh.precedence[at]

Here's tips on how to Screen shot if you do not know how.

Step 1 - Press the PRTSCN (Print Screen) key.

Step 2 - Open PAINT as then PASTE.

Step 3 - Paste it, then go under the FILE menu and save it.

If my memory serves me correct Pain in Win98 only does bitmaps so you should probably consider emailing them to me, as they will be HUGE and will really punch your bandwidth limit here.
This is the place where there should be 'Internet' written.

We tried for a long time to fix it on 'Internetoptions', but didn't get anywhere...
I am now only here because I use the other (XP) Computer.
You said:Also you have noted that you can only access your ISPs homepage on your Win98 box, and cannot achieve connectivity to any other domains. Is that the case or have I perceived it incorrectly.
Sorry, I can't really give you any more information. I belong to these women who don't have very good connections to computers.
Funny Fish 13 years ago
On the top edge of the browser (blue field) is written: res://C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SHDOCLC.DLL/dnserror.htm

Is that of interrest..???
Give this a shot...

Go to Start, and click "Run..."
Type: cmd
You should be at a black prompt now.
Type: ipconfig /renew

Now see if your internet works. This may not really be the solution for your exact problem, but it's always my first try when I'm having network issues in Windows 98.

[Someone please correct me if my syntax is wrong, it's been a while and I don't have a Win98 box to try it on at the moment.]
Funny Fish 13 years ago
Thanks, I'll give it a go!
Funny Fish 13 years ago
ocellnuri, I went to start, then search and then appeared 2 folder, one was called cmdl32 and the other one was nerocmd. When I click the first one nothing happens. When I click on the second one a black window opens (dos). And now?
No, not "Search", you need to click on "Run..."

I have highlighted it in this picture with yellow...

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