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tacit watch [deleted] 6:46am, 28 April 2005

What is your Home Page?
spectacular thumb [deleted] 13 years ago
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
Well if you use GreaseMonkey you might already be using this.
Dan Not In Use 13 years ago
lilit 13 years ago
about:blank ;-)
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
@lilit: Superb!
disastrous aftermath [deleted] 13 years ago
spectacular thumb [deleted] 13 years ago
Thanks eshm, off to take a peek now
lol, default mozilla firefox homepage.
on another computer it is actually a random bike company - Phat Moose Cycles.

i change my mind - i use session saver so my homepage is pretty much useless, therefore when i open firefox it pops up with flickr and Y!360.
Ocell 13 years ago
Flickr of course! :-)

It was Penny-Arcade before that.
Ryan Brenizer PRO 13 years ago
Gmail, but it might become Flickr soon. I'm addicted.
jrhyley 13 years ago
about:blank here as well, but it might as well be Bloglines, since that's nearly always the first page I load.
chief edge [deleted] 13 years ago
About:blank, is the best Home page,it loads very faster ;)
The Eggplant 13 years ago
I used to have about:blank back in the old (56k) days. I then switched it to Slashdot in 2003, but lately I've been itching for a new home page. Slashdot doesn't do it for me anymore.
caffeine 13 years ago
djloche PRO 13 years ago
either about:blank
kaoshavoc 13 years ago
The Mozilla Google start page.
phool 4 XC PRO Posted 13 years ago. Edited by phool 4 XC (member) 12 years ago

I've got a couple of pages hotkeyed though, so that's no indication of anything. Yes, Flickr login is one of my hotkeys.

On my OBSD box, I've set up a guest profile, and this is what I've set as the homepage for that account.
tacit watch [deleted]
@phool4xc: That's an excellent homepage you linked to. ;),
with my personal bookmark collection
Acid Zebra 13 years ago
about:blank ; because I might be on the road and have no connectivity

When online I usually open a folder of tabs from firefox... tab collections include toons, admin, travel, blog among others.
The Eggplant 13 years ago
My homepage is now Broken Saints.
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
@caffeine: Great homepage as well!
observant scale [deleted] 13 years ago
Google Fusion
mattjb 13 years ago
My blog, which has links to all my other sites, one day I'll have to create my own portal.
bioxide 13 years ago
i use my own site which is located at for my home page
Hawaiian beach 13 years ago seems to be mine most of the time but the case is dragging on and on and on. The PJ/Linuxworld drama is kind of cool though. I also like engadget.
Daniele Florio 13 years ago
VivaAntarctica 13 years ago
It changes...

usually (on all laptops)
Google News

sometimes (on desktop #1)
NY Times

occasionally (on desktop #2)
Google Personalised
Computer Science Geek PRO 13 years ago
On my notebook it's Flickr. On my main desktop it's about:blank.
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
i use firefox, so i have 6 homepages:
Live Journal
MSN Hotmail
MindSay and
Andrew* 13 years ago
good old google
enchanted home [deleted] 13 years ago
fair throne [deleted] 13 years ago
Old Shoe Woman PRO 13 years ago
Mozilla Google Start Page PRO 13 years ago
physical cough [deleted] 13 years ago
keoshi 13 years ago with a lot of rss feeds, weather, notes, todo, etc.
steevil 13 years ago
my personal site just to make sure its running ok
fair throne [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by fair throne (member) 13 years ago
Now I'm switching between my Suprglu page and 30boxes.
noisy actor [deleted] 13 years ago
firewallender 13 years ago
Thomas Powers 12 years ago
I use Firefox with 5 home pages: customized Google homepage, Gmail, flickr, digg, and Pandora radio.
unclesond 12 years ago
home page = wemakemoneynotart
about:blank of course. ;-)
patrick_niklaus 12 years ago - Nicely comfortable. ;)
vSean 12 years ago
It was personalized Google for a long time but I've recently changed it to my personal WP page,
*dan 12 years ago
robust noise [deleted] 12 years ago
Google for me as well.
egorgry 12 years ago
netvibes and my friends forum.
Serok 12 years ago
Gmail sign in
Winni Neessen PRO 12 years ago
A page served by my local apache which randomly opens one of these:
- my blog
- my login-page
- my flickr page
Felipe Navarro V. 12 years ago
gmail :)
Brian Hursey 12 years ago
Groups Beta