RSS in Gmail

tacit watch [deleted] 10:47pm, 18 April 2005
Has anyone gotten the RSS "Web Clips" added to their Gmail accounts yet? Seems like a week since the word got out, but doesn't seem to be spreading as quick as the 50 invites were.
phool 4 XC PRO 13 years ago
I actually don't bother much with the Gmail interface - I just use the POP option to collect my Gmail with my mail client so that I have all my email in one central inbox.

The only thing I don't like about that is that using SMTP with Gmail places your IP address in the header, whereas using the web interface masks that info.
Ocell 13 years ago
No Web Clips here
murky PRO 13 years ago
What are RSS web clips?

(Doesn't sound like straight bloglines type aggregation)
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
I use FeedDemon or my Webbased aggregator to read GMAIL, but having my RSS feeds in my Gmail would be nice for when I'm away from my box and without my \\mobile device.

@Murky: "Web Clips" is going to be the Google Gmail equivalent of RSS fed to your Gmail.
I use bloglines for my RSS needs, it's webbased, which gives me the same settings at home & at work... which is nice.

Sounds interesting though, getting RSS in GMail...
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