100 Members!

Ocell 5:01pm, 18 April 2005
Group membership just hit the triple digits. I'd like to say "welcome" to all of the new members, and thanks to everyone for contributing!
majorjelly 13 years ago
thanks to you for creating such a straightforward but so very interesting group!
melser 13 years ago
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
I could never have imagined. I'm honoured on all different levels of the OSI model.
Ocell 13 years ago
All credit for creating the group goes to eshm. Wonderful idea on his part.
majorjelly 13 years ago
Then thanks to you, eshm, as well! Great idea to create a geek group. You have every right to feel honoured.

But please don't cry, or if you really have to, please stay away from the expensive hardware that has been put on this group's pool. Thanks.
tacit watch [deleted]
Indeed. Spontaneous outbursts in a fashion other than celebratory (bringing the database back online) should be done away from all equipment.

Next stop 200!
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