phool 4 XC PRO 3:22am, 8 April 2005
Welcome to mitts2010, who is joining us from G4TV in their little game of posting on-topic photos in groups. The game is, these on-topic photos are supposed to be yellow.

For more info, please see the discussion topic in Central.
phool 4 XC PRO 13 years ago
Not necessarily, although what mitts2010 posted is. But if I took a picture of a spool of yellow Cat5 cable, that would belong in this group and it would abide by their little game.

My two cents' worth is that as long as they're willing to play by our rules and keep it on topic, they can post as many pics as they want.

But then again, I'm not an admin. ;-)
tacit watch [deleted]

Had these two "piss on Flickr" images been in the realm of geekdom they might have gotten to stay. I agree also, yellow cat would be much accepted.
Ocell 13 years ago
A formidable game... but what we see here is very poor execution.
phool 4 XC PRO 13 years ago
One suggestion I saw elsewhere which appealed to my sense of play was to simply add tags to all off-topic images. I chose to add "off topic" and "AOTS is lame." Perhaps it's a juvenile response on my part, but it struck me as being apt.
Oh, great idea!

I'm executing that suggestion in "pee post" in another group.

Of course, given the evidence that the off-topic poster obviously doesn't understand the point of the game, I'm sure my tag will be removed quickly.

Do you have a link where you read up on tagging off-topic posts?
phool 4 XC PRO 13 years ago
I don't remember. It was probably in one of the many replies to the thread on Central that I linked to in my first post.
Ocell 13 years ago
Ok, I'll scan through it. Thanks.
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