Team Weblog?

tacit watch [deleted] 11:10am, 21 March 2005
Group Weblog?

This is a screenshot of one of the admin pages for a group, and field asks "external address". When I created the group I just threw my domains address in this field cos I was just filling all the fields quickly and just trying to get everything setup..

An idea I want to throw at the wall in front of you guys. A team weblog birthed from the members of this group. You don't all have to join if we did such an idea but it would be appreciated. I think between a few of us and Blogger we could have a pretty nice setup. Theoretically speaking if you already had a blogger account (and you know this) you don't need any software to post to Blogger nor do you even have to be on the page to post (bookmarklet) and if you have Firefox its like only a few clicks away and almost seamless.

Now the content of the weblog would not have to be anything fancy. Even a link and a word, whatever you think it should be -- just keep it geek. Write a story or drop a line. The "pool" of geeks in context.

Ocell 13 years ago
Sounds cool.
tacit watch [deleted]
What do you think the address should be?


Was thinking like flickrgeeks or something. Unfortunately I don't think is within our reach.. ;)
Ocell 13 years ago
flickrgeeks works for me. I can't think of anything else. Anyone else have any ideas?
tacit watch [deleted]
flickrgeeks works for me too, and if this again goes unnoticed for a while I'll plan on that name.

Going to look for a nice template, cos anything I could wipe together doesn't really "mesh" well with the idea --

That and I could never comment in codes correctly.
maybe some geeks with graphics skills in here could work out a sweet template?
valuable silk [deleted]
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