tacit watch [deleted] 5:34am, 21 March 2005
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Eight days short of three months ago I did a search on the Flickr Groups page for the word geek. I didn't notice a result on that was geared towards just plain new geeks who breathed and lived geek things. Geekdom. All about screenshots and pulling there box apart and putting back together. Voiding more warranties than they had.

So I started this community. Now its in its mere three month existence I have been more amazed than not looking at this pool and the people that have found their way to this community are equally amazing. For you are the ones submitting the photos.

Last night we reached 52 users. 52 might not be a big number but its plenty of handfuls more than I had imagined clicking a link that said "Join". In light of this I am asking a sincere member of this community to step into the server room.

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Ocell 13 years ago
Oh man, everyone's in trouble now...
**runs and hides**
Ocell 13 years ago
Bad news for you... the ban button doesn't require line-of-sight. Mwhahahaha!
valuable silk [deleted]
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