tacit watch [deleted] 2:12am, 20 March 2005
If you have an iPOD Shuffle or would just like to see pure genius, click me!

JimYounkin has created a photo set including step-by-step, or shall I say "photo-by-photo" instructions of how to get an i pod shuffle into a pair of nice headphones.

Check it out! (link)
I don't know... looks painful.

Cool though. I think it'd make much more sense with the MPIO FL300. Thing is TINY.


And before someone says it, no, it's not a Shuffle clone. This thing has been out for at least a year. The Japanese have been wearing things around their neck forever.
JimYounkin 13 years ago
The headphone foam cups ar so big that you can't even feel the shuffle at all. I've already had two people offer to pay me to covnert their headphones like this. I'm not sure if it will work with any phones that are smaller than these but we'll see. I would like to possibly find a model of phones available today that would accomidate a shuffle in a similar manner. Any suggestions? Thanks for looking at my pics! -Jim
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
mpio is amazing. i would never say apple were the 'superior beings' of portable digital audio. i will say they were the ones who brought it home tho. only the dedicated ones were listening to audio bi (before ipod). you could distinguish those with the others who are somehow under an idea that mp3 and ipod were born right around the same age..

but thats something else and this isn't the spot for such. ocellnuri that links is beautiful, and i'd prefer something like that. and jim the creativity behind that is something out of this world. great ?modding?! also jim i think i ran across your photoset via del.icio.us so others are very interested.
Great to read that you can't feel the Shuffle Jim. I'll keep my eyes open for current headphones models that would fit the shuffle.

I would also propose finding soem headphones that have a two-bar headband. You could make a leather (or pleather) pouch in which the Shuffle would slide in "head" first, with a headphone jack inside the sleeve for connection. (If you can't find cans with cups large enough)

(Good to see you've got things straight Mesh :-) )
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