Your Last Surge

tacit watch [deleted] 8:26pm, 1 February 2006
This quite possibly will be hard to explain, but I ask the community a question..

What was your last surge?

By surge, I am referring to the last thing in your life that has caused you to loose all sorts of time that you spent on this one "thing". Whether it be your newest gaming console, new software application, website or computer hardware -- What was your last surge?
splendid iron [deleted] 12 years ago
Simple, Ruby on Rails. Time flies when I'm working on my project. Last time I started at four o'clock in the afternoon and felt asleep at three in the night, without looking at my watch once.
RiftDweller 12 years ago
Lumines on the psp, I just can't keep it down. very addictive.
courageous kittens [deleted] 12 years ago
Br3nda PRO 12 years ago
Flickr... and still surging
enchanted home [deleted] 12 years ago
Rails seriously rocks -- and it did that to me at work many times last year, but I must say Flickr.
Devar 12 years ago
Just recently got really stuck into using geoscience australia shape file data and converting it into a file that I can upload onto my GPS. Buying maps are too expensive. :-)
pochacco20 12 years ago
For me it's been Starcraft, on and off, for the past 5 years or so. Right now it's 'on'. Flickr comes in close second today.
Ocell Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ocell (member) 12 years ago
Industrial Design School
djloche PRO 12 years ago
flickr... 91 already in february and i'm not slowing down
VivaAntarctica 12 years ago
It was about 15 minutes ago...I just shoveled the entire walkway and driveway in under a hour.

I had a similar high this morning (when shoveling) however when I was under the impression I i was done, I then turned around to find god has once again mocked me (it was as though i didn't even shovel) I was quickly demoralized. It just doesn't pay to tell the guy upstairs you smite them.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Mountain biking 20 miles of tough technical singletrack out in the remote missourian woods.

Not as geeky as some above.

I also get zoned in and lose time when I get going with my BASH scripting, or working websites.
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