tacit watch [deleted] 1:15am, 20 February 2005
While this is the geek group and all, I would like to take a moment to make sure the homeland is 'secure' ;). Does everyone in here have Gmail? I would certainly hope so, and if you don't one would also hope that your not under the impression that Gmail is just another web mail service. Its beyond that.. its Google.

So if you don't leave a comment and we'll arrange that you get on promptly. Its been mentioned in every corner of the earth, that that launch is coming, and there are plenty of invites to go around.

Let the community expand.
Wow... my blog constitutes a corner of the Earth! I call top left! :-)

I've got 50 invites ready to unload on the unwilling, so don't hesitate to contact me, anyone! Sure I could have 50gigs of online space all to myself, but I'd much rather see joy spread to the world.
melser 13 years ago
I used my first invites to get myself several accounts, so that probably equates to about 150 invites :) Let me know if anybody needs one or ten.
Ottoman42 13 years ago
I got about 100. Let me know.
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