tacit watch [deleted] 11:15pm, 11 February 2005
An idea that will either catch on or fade away. But I was sitting here tagging my most recently uploaded images and while making a new tag for one of my images I had an idea. What does your desk look like!? And arguably more importantly what are you sitting on!? Thoughts I've had. Most geeks I know are very particular about their desksetup and don't really want someone else rearranging things on it! Resulting in hands being cut off, etc -- ;)

Regardless, next time your snapping photos take an image of your desk, and what you happen to sit on while your working on it. We can update these images and check back with each other in a month, or two..

If you choose to participate, tag your desk with "desksetup", and your chair with "deskchair".

Also curious if you would be interested in posting your (( mobile locations as well. Its come to the point where for some of us out there, a good percentage of our time is spent WIFI somewhere all setup cozy in our corners of which we are used to. Something like your "mobilesetup".

Again, the idea that will either take off or fade away -- but it will happen here on Flickr.


Ocell 13 years ago
Well here's my girlfriend's:

Alisa's Setup

Very impressive setup! If I don't say so myself... not that I'm biased. :)

Sorry I didn't get a good picture of her chair.
Ocell 13 years ago
'an here's mine:

Dorm Desk
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
Its all good about the chair, but thanks for the response -- good images and informative notes.
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