tacit watch [deleted] 3:53pm, 1 February 2005
Global Flickr users are cheering in the streets today with the announcement of advanced tag management now available on Flickr. Now any user can go to their tags page and edit tags already in place. For example:

I went to my tags page and clicked on the new edit edit, replace or delete your tags link and scrolled down to my images tagged with snow. Now I clicked edit on when the page loads up I changed the text field from "snow" to "snow winter". What does that do? Well it adds the tag "winter" to all images tagged with snow. Makes sense right? That is just one of the things you can do with this newly enabled feature. You can also:

Edit a tag on images. This is a heaven-sent feature because if anyone has read through the Flickr Forums they know there have been reports of someone uploading a massive amount of images and accidentally misspelled one of the tags. In fact I believe one account I read somewhere in the forums had a user whom uploaded over 200 images with a misspelled tag. Until now you could have called that a Flickr nightmare. But again its as simple as:

Going to your tag page and finding your misspelled tag. Simply click edit and when the page loads just change it to your new CORRECTLY spelled tag and hit OK. All 200+ images that you misspelled are now fixed.

In other great news there have been a few changes done to the display of group photo pools, which now on the left displays the top five posters of any group that you might be looking at. Currently the geek groups Top 4 Posters are: ocellnuri (19), NatBat (6), vectorsnob 5), and Ottoman42 (2). I am excluding myself for more-than-obvious reasons.

Rock on! The Flickr users of world unite in a grand celebration of imagery and life.

Ocell 13 years ago
Yeah! I rock- I mean... Flickr rocks!
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
Your right tho its you and them that make Flickr what it is. All the technology in the world is just scrap metal sitting there alone.
Ocell 13 years ago
Yeah, but that scrap metal could pull quite a bit of change on eBay. :)
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