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aback account [deleted] 8:45pm, 21 January 2005
Your either a dedicated patriot to Google or you are not. For those of you whom just might be dedicated to their limitless empire -- you might want to check out (if you have not already) Picasa 2. I had added images of this new version within the Geek photo pool, trying to outline some of the new features.

I generally stay away from Adobe products (even Photoshop) but apparently this new release version is tugging at the chords that Adobe Photoshop Album has been leaning up against for the past few.

What I truly like is the creation of collages, online collaboration to get your images printed and either picked up, or sent to you.

What I do NOT LIKE AT ALL is the sudden *drop* of network support. You see I used to have my laptop "watch" drives and folders on other network devices, but with the new version suddenly all of that has gone away. True, you can import over-the-network but you cannot "watch". Boo.

Slashdot pointed in a good direction of a review, by PC Magazine. They favour the Adobe product. However does Photoshop album have GMAIL support!? I didn't think so.

What do you prefer? Slide on over to my site and take a quick poll on whom it is deserves that title of ringleader. Once finished you will be redirected over the group geek mainpage. (link)
Ocell 13 years ago
I've been using Picasa 2 for a couple day snow, and it keeps amazing me. I'm gearing up to do a pretty comprehensive review on my Blog.

Regarding watching networked drives... you could mount your networked machines as drives in windows, and then Picasa could treat those mounted network drives as any other folder on your computer.
aback account [deleted]
Very good suggestion. Once again illustration of the power of collaboration.

I am excited to try out the development options within the program, despite not being a fan of Wal-Mart.

Be sure to link us to it when you do your review.
Ocell 13 years ago
At least it lets you choose between many different companies for printing services.
aback account [deleted] 13 years ago
Well I'm not sure what the deal is but after having both boxes off the first time, and returning to them later -- Picasa's "watching" of my "mounted" drive on my desktop from my laptop didn't work. Lets hope "rewatching" the folder will incorporate the changes I have already made to those directories 'Picasa.ini' files.

This probably has something to do with XP, I'm almost positive. Even in school XP was known as the operating system profound for leaving its once moderately advanced users with the slightest of clues.
The Eggplant 13 years ago
I never liked the interface of Picasa enough to even start using it. It looked too fancy for me. I was thinking about developing my own Flickr app (in my spare time) until I realized that my end product would've been essentially Picasa without a nice looking artsy-fartsy GUI. It's not like that will stop me anyway except I don't have any free time.
aback account [deleted] 13 years ago
EDIT: Just wanted to update this post cos I am not expecting you to solve my problems, but I am denoting anything in public in case anyone else seems to run across the same issues. As aforementioned a few lines back when both boxes were shut down and off for a while, upon reboot opening Picasa from \\FIVE (laptop) would NOT display any pictures. Simply say "No Pictures Found".

This was the result twice, and a third time in a different way (watching a mounted drive from desktop to laptop).

But I got it to work before open Picasa doing a simple RUN command to the mapped drive, then opening Picasa. Volia, worked like gold.
Ocell 13 years ago
I have never been able to wrap my head around Windows networking. I always have nothing but problems with it.
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