*n3wjack's world in pixels 4:46pm, 29 October 2005
Is there a better place for a geek question than this flickr group?
I think not! So here it goes:

Does anyone have a good way of staying up to date with software updates?
I'm thinking stuff that doesn't have an auto updater etc, and then still, the Firefox beta 1.5 doesn't make the auto updater go off either... I'm thinking there must be something out there that can help with that, like a neato RSS feed oslt listing when something updates etc.

Ocell 13 years ago
I've seen discussion of using RSS as an update delivery system, where a feed would have the update executable wrapped in it, much like a podcast delivers a mp3 file. I would LOVE to see people implement this, but I haven't seen it happen yet.
Andrew* 13 years ago

they have an RSS feed for pretty much every program that a new verison is released, its perfect :)
hmmm, interesting,
now find a way to filter only relavant bits :)
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