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Lack of garden birds

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I'm getting increasingly concerned with the lack of birds in our garden, we've always had an abundance until this last 4 months and now we only get a dunnock or robin as regular visitors. We put put food regularly, keep everything clean, have good cover and a variety of trees so what is happening. Our neighbours say the same, we live in Garston Herts. On the other hand we've had bees nesting in the bird boxes for the 3rd year and in the wood pile at the bottom of the garden.
2:22AM, 21 October 2013 PST (permalink)

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Wildlife Terry says:


If people are afraid that empty bird tables are a bad sign I can assure them that there is plenty of natural food available to them. Take a walk in the countryside or along a canal and you can see natures bounty. I'm 63 and I have never seen so many berries or so much fruit on the trees. There are also plenty of seed heads and insects still available to our feathered friends.
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Yes I feel a lot better when I heard about the glut of berries and nuts this year on countryfile, the birds have now returned to the garden.
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bourneview says:

I personally have seen an increase of birds over the past 2 years in my garden which we moved to just over 2 years ago, We are very close to a wooded area so get many visitors from these woods. I do have bird feeders with a mix of different feeds like Sunflower Hearts the finches love them, peanuts the Tits love them also nuthatches and a seed feeder that sparrows and tits love as well as robins. I tried a bird table but kept getting emptied by Squirrels so gave up on that one. so I throw a few peanuts, meal worms on to floor for Jackdaws, Starlings, Blackbirds, Magpies. Chaffinch and Jays in winter I add coconut shell fat feeders for Tits, Starlings plus others.
I was on the impression that once summer arrived it was time to take down feeders but Spring watch asked that people to make gardens more bird, bee and butterfly friendly so I have loads of plants that help these out to find food etc I also remain longer feeding on the feeders this attracts fledged birds that come to learn how to find food and feed with their parents. Plus I get loads of pleasure watching them and taking photos of them.
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