digiom 4:36pm, 13 March 2009
This group pool started rather randomly on Twitter.

I, Jana (digiom), asked:

And Harald (heckmueller) replied:

Our concern was the current misrepresentation of gaming in the media which gives rise to the impression that playing computer games turns people into killers. We don't think this is about games - we think that what people should do right now is talk about the increasing numbers of gun purchases and gun owners.

The point to bring across here is: You have games, you have guns. The possession of which do you think is lethal? Schäuble thinks it’s games, and we say: Can we talk about the guns instead?

Images which are a reflection of thought around these lines are the ones we are going to publish.

We are not going to add pictures with references to either victims or their murderers, out of respect for the lives lost, and respect for their friends and relatives; there won't be any references to the names of people, neither to the places where these tragedies happened. These are things we are not able to talk about.

This is an ethical guideline we've set ourselves, as we mainly want to draw attention to the fact that the discussion should be centred around the possession of guns, not the possession of computer games. And being gamers, games is what we think we are able to talk about, and we think that we are the people who should talk about games.
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