nin10aaron 7:00pm, 10 June 2006
Hello im new here and it looks like yall know alot about gb camera so i have a question or 2. i just bought a slightly used gb printer at a seconed hand game store and it came with paper. and when i print out pics they end up looking like what is pictured at the bottom. is it because it hasnt been used in a long time or maybe low batteries? or maybe non nintendo brand paper? i would really apperachate some help.
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jean-louise 13 years ago
well, the printer does quite blurry prints. it´s using thermal paper, so if the paper is old it gets worse. if you want better prints, get an xchanger or madcatz camera link to backup the data on your pc. but these devices are quite hard to find. try for the madcatz thing.
knochengerechtigkeit 12 years ago
I got a gb printer online and it is doing the exact same thing. I can understand that it will never be very good quality, but this is not what I expected. Also I have seen other people's printer working much better than this. I was thinking of opening it up and tinkering around but I don't expect to be able to do anything. Does anyone know if this is really just because the paper is old or do you think the printer itself has a problem?
lukatoyboy 12 years ago
you can check the paper thos way : try to find plain termal paper for cash registers, and use it. you can find the nearly identical width.
i can't see how the printer itself can be a problem, it's just making a hotness.
Alícia 12 years ago
I bought the printer with new paper and it worked perfectly but after 2 years I have the same problem. I think it because the old paper.
cheerful reward [deleted] 12 years ago
Hmm, so buying a Gameboy Printer on eg. eBay with paper is not a good idea? What is the width of the gameboy printer paper?
royal cloth [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by royal cloth (member) 12 years ago
The very old paper is the problem...

It is difficult to find "thermal paper"?

The width is 3,8 cm.
cheerful reward [deleted] 12 years ago
if you spell it thermal paper it's not:)
al_anonimo 12 years ago
I bought my printer in ebay and i have the same problem with the paper, do you know where i can find new paper?

cheerful reward [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cheerful reward (member) 12 years ago
Nintendo still sells new paper, do a search for printer, and you'll find the 3-pack! Blue, creame and white rolls:) $9.95

US and Canda only :(
cheerful reward [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cheerful reward (member) 12 years ago
Thermoptic 8 years ago
Ok the problem is solved! First I bought a "new" unopened box of the offical nintendo thermal paper and the result was really bad, just like the one above that nin10aaron showed. So my guess is that the paper has really passed its expire date witch caused the bad print , after all it was made in 1998!
So i went to a cafe and a pizzeria and bought some stuff and saved the receipts, cut it with a scissor and tested it in the gameboy printer, the results where really good! Here is the results:

Game boy Printer results by Thermoptic
andriux007 7 years ago
Dude, you're amazing! I just got a GB Printer with some paper, but it didn't print anything.
I tried the coffee ticket trick and it worked!!

Thank you very much man!
abovethetrees 7 years ago
This thread is really old, but it should be noted NOT to expect your printed photos to last, it's just the nature of thermal paper. After a few years they will fade into nothingness and the paper will be left virtually blank.
Mason Shefa 6 years ago
Yes! In fact, it only takes a few months with some thermal paper!! I remember freaking out when I looked my pile of photo strips and they were all blank! But hey, they're reusable! Just pop them back in and print some more :-)
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