[windscreen:fly] [deleted] 7:35pm, 4 October 2007
[i know i've spoken out against 'themes' in other groups (ie the excellent :haphazart] but i was wondering how members here thought about setting weekly themes for this particular group?

i can see the sense in 'themes' creating a fresh and varied focus for groups and they seem to help engender more of a community feel elsewhere.

so views please?]
Dom Ciancibelli Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Dom Ciancibelli (member) 10 years ago
Just returned from Seattle.
Well sorry to say Fly I think you got your views. i.e. ..........
[windscreen:fly] [deleted] 10 years ago
[my views yes - but happy to go with the views of the majority. however, it seems, as in most places, a sense of apathy prevails?]
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