typical class [deleted] 10:05am, 26 May 2013
What's your best setting for BW photos with X-pro1 ?
John Moyers 5 years ago
I just shoot color and convert to B&W in post... But I've been meaning to shoot in-camera B&W mode to test if it yields desirable results... Has anyone experimented with both techniques and formed a favor for one or the other?
I like to shoot B&W in square format using the B&W Red Filter setting. It gives a slightly more contrasty tone.
typical class [deleted] 5 years ago
Brown & Brown PHOTOGRAPHY:

Thanks !
I use in camera red or green filter. I post-process the photo with the in camera raw converter on the picture's site to keep a relation with the subject I photography. And finally crop the picture with silkypix.
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