Mat McDermott 1:43pm, 30 May 2012
Just downloaded LR 4.1 (with support for XP1 RAF files...) and lo and behold.... Images shot in square format, you need to shoot RAW+JPG to do it, maintain the aspect ratio. As in, we won't have to crop them every time. For those who haven't played around with the RAW developers who had supported these files from the beginnning, none of them maintained the aspect ratio and you had to crop down from the 3:2 sensor size each time. Good stuff Adobe.
efficient dog [deleted] 6 years ago
That's interesting. Thanks for the head's-up! I'm glad to hear LightRoom is finally up to the task of handling RAF files.
robust brass [deleted] 6 years ago
my next upgrade i think
GuySwarbrick PRO 5 years ago
It's persistent, too. If you delete all the JPG files, it stays square And if you do want to be a deviant and go back to rectangular (or try a different square crop), the data is still there if you open the same RAF file in the Fuji/SilkyPix RAW converter - but, as far as I can tell, you'll have to save it out as a TIFF for Lightroom to see the new crop...
EspressoBuzz PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by EspressoBuzz (member) 5 years ago
Is it possible to uncrop it in lightroom?
It seems stuck at square.
Mat McDermott Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Mat McDermott (admin) 4 years ago
Answering a question from 18 months ago, it is possible to uncrop the RAF file in Lightroom. You first have to download the Recover DNG Edges plug-in. Then convert the RAF file to DNG. Run the plug-in on the new file and you can get the 3:2 original back. It may not display correctly at first in LR, but if you go and change the crop to 3:2 you can get the full original file to display correctly. Just did this on a couple of my images. In terms of composition you may or may not have something that works though, as sometimes there may be intruding elements that were outside the edge of the 1:1 frame but too far into the 3:2 frame to effectively crop out.
cyclelove 3 years ago
And I've been re-cropping all my RAW files in Aperture all this time :-/
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