OneRing 4:51pm, 17 September 2012
I just received a nice thank you from Fuji Canada for registering my X10
Fuji by OneRing PRO 5 years ago
Got the same thing, nice eh? :-)
The Black Brick 5 years ago
Is this just Fuji Canada or is everywhere?, anyone knows?.
Very nice detail anyway.
Jessjam 5 years ago
wow? what do you call that? i have to start looking for that. we are so jealous here in asia! :-)
Sean The Sheep [deleted] 5 years ago
Wow! No such thing in Singapore too... But since consumers here just love free stuff, I got tonnes of freebies like spare batteries, SD cards, the overpriced leather case, a Lowepro bag and even a huge dry cabinet, all on Fuji. Guess I'm happy enough?! :P
Jessjam 5 years ago
I bought mine in SG too! only got the SD card, spare battery , leather case and a tripod. I lost out on a lot man! LOL!
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