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dhaneshr 3:42pm, 24 April 2012
I spoke to Fujifilm tech support today. The guy told me that the sensor replacement program is starting in May and will run into late 2013. Yaaay!
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versed teaching [deleted] 6 years ago
Wonder when the new camera's will start to have the replacement sensors in them?
pcg PRO 6 years ago
I'd sure wait until the new sensor has been thoroughly tested by third party photographers before having the original switched out. And if your X10 is "orb" free to begin with, I wouldn't switch. And as mine does not have a problem, I won't.
tourtrophy 6 years ago
Me too, I would wait until others report there is no issue with the new sensor and the retrofit process. I am a little weary to have dust or other foreign particles getting into the lens and sensor. I see orb very rarely, so I may decide to opt out.
Murray McMaster 6 years ago
My camera produces orbs in certain conditions. They don't bother me. Not enough to take a chance on a sensor that may not be as good. I'll wait for the reviews as well.
MaleArtPhoto 6 years ago
I bought my FujiFilm X10 in December 2011 while I was in New York. I have taken well over 2000 images with never one disturbing Orb. Yes there are some instances of blown highlights but no worse than my Canon or Nikon cameras.

I have just used the X10 to record the dress rehearsal of an opera. The X-10 silent shutter is a great improvement over the noisy Nikon. Sitting closer and taking advantage of the faster lens has yielded images every bit as good as my Nikon D300.

It is sad that a noisy minority of X10 objectors, some no doubt promoting their personal biases, have been allowed to complain about this excellent little camera.
Murray McMaster 6 years ago
"It is sad that a noisy minority of X10 objectors, some no doubt promoting their personal biases, have been allowed to complain about this excellent little camera."

It would be even sadder if we were allowed to shut them down. That is very dangerous territory.
nakeddork 6 years ago
The only people that thought the orbs was a major problem were the freak jobs that frequent dpreview. That place is just a magnet for tech enthusiasts with personality disorders. It's a site to talk about equipment and has very little to do with photography.

Fuji made a horrid mistake trying to cater to that crowd and it seriously backfired, with both the x10 and x100.

I don't think any serious photographer that used the x10 had any serious gripes.
HamburgCam PRO 6 years ago
6 Month and over 5000 photos with the X10 - no orb problems so far. But yesterday the orb police caught up with me:

WDS Police

Take a look at the full size image: www.flickr.com/photos/internationalphotos/6967628206/size...

It does look kind of silly. Funny thing is, in movie mode it did not orb...
royal wrist [deleted] 6 years ago
Kinda old news but yeah, i'm looking forward to it.

I got some orbs shooting shiny cars outdoor last Saturday. And in movie mode, the sensor does bloom badly as well on my unit when shooting against fluorescent lights on the wall.

So yeah, i will definitely send my X10 to Fuji to replace the sensor. Sorry to be part of the noisy minority that otherwise enjoys this little camera as the only camera.
optimal throne [deleted] 6 years ago
I've had an email today from Fuji UK saying that the new sensors are in stock now and they're ready to start the replacement programme.

I'm inclined to go ahead straight away, but wondered if anyone has seen any new sensor tests apart from the 2 images on DPR?
pcg PRO 6 years ago
No further images on the four Fuji sites I frequent.
poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
mhammond - encouraging news. I am really looking forward to this:)
endurable steel [deleted] 6 years ago
I had a few orbs, and as my Fuji dealer offered to replace it, I took the chance.

So Fuji Germany swapped not only my sensor, but simply gave me a new one. This could be because I had only bought the X10 three months ago.

The pictures are still the same though, still lovely in color, no need for RAW as far as i'm concerned JPG's are great!
steveanorak PRO 6 years ago
I had Email today from Fuji UK telling me i will be receiving my packaging to send camera to them as sensor now in stock
view[ ¤ ]finder PRO 6 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/maas-martin/] They gave you a new camera?
ektopia 6 years ago
Steveanorak, did they indicate a timeline for how long it would take them to get it back to you? U had MH first orb the other day so am now thinking about going down the replacement route.
optimal throne [deleted] 6 years ago
The box for the return of my X10 arrived this morning with a letter saying that "your upgraded camera should be back with you about a week later".

I'd still like to see a thorough test of new sensor though, before I go ahead...
Vendobiont 6 years ago
, you have been selected to perform the tests.
view[ ¤ ]finder PRO 6 years ago
So far, this is still the only comparison available on old versus new sensor.


Anyone else?
optimal throne [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by view[ ¤ ]finder (admin) 6 years ago
Mine should be returned to me shortly. I'll post my own tests on Flickr when it's back.
SteveDesj 6 years ago
I sent mine out last week and got a new camera (new serial number began with a 2) I did a rough comparison between an Olympus E-PL1 and the new X-10, and the X-10 did better than the Oly with a bright specular reflection. These two shots were taken within a minute of one another.

poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
Actually, I think the Oly did a much better job.

That said, mine is all packed up and ready to ship out. It will be interesting to see what the results are when I get it back.
view[ ¤ ]finder PRO 6 years ago
Actually, what we need to see is a side-by-side comparison. One would need to shoot a series of tripod-mounted images with the same settings before sending the old camera - and then duplicate the shoot with the new camera using the identical settings.
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
I couldn't do a comparison in the end, as the X10 with the new sensor was needed and I only had it in my hands for half an hour or so. However the images appeared as expected so on the face of that I sent my X10 in to Fuji. I should have had it back by now and when it's home I'll do some tests to check I'm satisfied with the various areas of performance.
view[ ¤ ]finder PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by view[ ¤ ]finder (admin) 6 years ago
Lindsay, what I meant was to do a series of controlled test shots before returning the camera and then reshooting it with the new camera/sensor.

If anyone has not yet returned their camera, do a test first. Otherwise, you're not going to know if the new sensor has compromised anything else ie; sharpness or noise.
simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago
After some sole searching I sent my X10 to NJ. Fuji replaced the camera with a completely new camera s/n beginning with 21AXXXXX. The camera was made March 3, 2012 and shutter count was zero.

No scientific before and after testing was done ; however, to my eye the replacement camera is a solid winner! Photos with each camera are at WillH32011 here at Flickr. You'll need to hunt around as there are K-5 photos mixed in.

I commend Fujifilm. Well done!
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
I see what you mean viewfinder, my tests on the new one won't be controlled in that sense, but I'm pretty sure I'll spot it instantly if anything is 'off' when the new one arrives.
optimal throne [deleted] 6 years ago
My camera was returned to me today. The process took 8 days.

Not exactly a scientific test, but I set up an orb-provoking scene and shot hand held, with flash, with the old sensor at 100 ISO and 800 ISO. I've repeated the shots with the new one, as closely as I can.
All are straight out of the camera.

Old sensor ISO 100:

New Sensor ISO 100:

Old Sensor ISO 800:

New Sensor ISO 800:

Hope these are of some use if anyone has been holding off making the decision.
I'll let you judge for yourself.
andmerks 6 years ago
ISO 100 looks like has a lot more color to it, doesn't it?
dhaneshr 6 years ago

did you get a brand new unit or was it just the sensor replaced?
nakeddork Posted 6 years ago. Edited by nakeddork (member) 6 years ago
Tonality in the old sensor looks better to me.

Can you just post some shots with the new sensor?

I don't need side by sides. I just want to see how it renders colors, contrasts, and tones.
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
optimal throne [deleted] 6 years ago
Hello dhaneshr - It was my old camera that came back.
(I've heard people say that the replacement is of the lens + sensor. This may be true as there used to be a tiny imperfection on my lens which is now gone. Either that or it's been very well cleaned...)

Hello nakeddork - I've only had it back a few hours, but I'll do more as soon as I can.
endurable steel [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by view[ ¤ ]finder (admin) 6 years ago
, yes they swapped the whole camera for a new one!
nakeddork 6 years ago
The new sensor looks like it loses the colors and tones of the original.

If this is the case...and I'm not hallucinating...I won't get the replacement, because I never had orb problems.
tourtrophy 6 years ago
At least one guy in dpreview forum was complaining about ISO100 noise in M size. It 's now spreading like a disease. There could be a risk of variation in workmanship. I suspect Fuji shop in N. America is not a dust free environment, that 's probably why you are hearing people here getting a brand new camera instead.
poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
It cannot be a dust free environment, how else would they install the magic pixie dust?

nakeddork 6 years ago
The pixie dust is what goes into the pipes of the dpreview users.
simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago
I've never found DRP FTF to be a valuable source of anything other than BS and hysteria. My upgraded camera is fine and the proof is at (WillH32011). The EXIF files are open for viewing.
optimal throne [deleted] 6 years ago
There are a couple of new comparisons chez moi - now including the dreaded street lamps if anyone would like a look:
nakeddork 6 years ago
Hmmm...from the handful of examples I've seen. It looks like the older sensor produces slightly more clarity, less chromatic bleeding, better tones and colors, and slighty better noise.

I still prefer the quality of the older sensor. Although, it's still too early to really make a finial judgement.

Has any one done other than test shots with the new sensor?

The new sensor doesn't seem to have those colors, contrast, and tones I like from the original.
simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago
Looks just fine to me. Nakeddork are you shooting with an X10?
SteveDesj 6 years ago
Here's a macro:

quarter x10
nakeddork 6 years ago
The color looks different. I think it's how it handles green.

It'll be more apperant in skintones, which is one the great things about the original sensor.
simple balance [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by simple balance (member) 6 years ago
I'm beginning to feel guilty and blessed, all at the sametime. My first X10 was terrific, no orbs - nothing. I agonized about sending it in, but figured there would be more to the up grade than just the sensor swap. There's always a few manufacturing improvements along the way with any product. Especially when people and equipment get more proficient at assembly. After all Fujifilm is an ISO 9000 company. I sent my camera in!

Bam! I get a new camera back, with in a week, and it's as good as the first one! Great camera! Great service! Am I that unique? I think not....

nakeddork 6 years ago
I don't have an issues with original sensor, within the scope off how I use it.

I am particulary fond of how the original sensor handles skintones, and colors in general. That is my biggest concern about switching sensors. I certainly don't want to give up the good things I like about the sensor, for one trivial thing that has been way blown out of porportion.

I haven't seen a lot of examples, with the new sensor, but I'm noticing a jump chroma and chroma bleed...which is pretty common is smaller sensors. Athough, it could very well be from how people are processing the pictures in post.

Also, I have noticed a subtle reduction in clarity, which might be a bi-product of how they combated the blooming.

My perception is skewed though. I am making a judgement based on less than a dozen comparison shots that specifically focus on the blooming issue, in which I'm comparing thousands of shots I've seen with the original.

It just a first take.

I just don't want to swap the sensor out and turn my x10 into a run of the mill point-n-shoot, and sacrific the fuji magic, at the whims of out spoken equipment collectors, with unrealistic expectations, and no artistic merit.
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
I'm testing at the moment and there are some slight differences in the sensor I have now. The image quality is very good but perhaps a little more 'conventional' than before. I certainly could not produce any orbs. I'll know more in a week or two.
nakeddork 6 years ago
Yeah, I've been looking at more shots and it is looking like the red is blowing out the chrominance and greens are rendering with a subtle purple hue in some shots (I think the red channel is bleeding in).

I don't think most would notice it, but I do because chroma blow out and bleed is huge pet peeve of mine.

Look at the edges of the flowers on the shot above. Do you see the chroma blowout? It looks like the blinkies in mid flash when you have your camera play back an image to see the highlights. I've seen other shots that are blowing out the red channel as well.

So far it looks like the color rendering took a hit. Also, I think there is a subtle over all clarity reduction.

Will, did you bump the colors in post?
simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago
Nope, no post processing! The pink blossom with the grasshopper on board is pretty damn nice IMO. Enlage it some the clarity and color accuracy is evident.

The butterfly? I was messing with the settings to freeze action and keep some detail in a low light situation. Didn't want to fill with a flash.

I think the lens sensor combination did very well. I freely admit I'm no professional or skilled amateur. My eye is undoubtedly more forgiving than some......my eyes are a lot older too!
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
Those pictures are very nice indeed Will - I wish I had such willing insect subjects who'll pose nicely like your butterfly! What a lovely creature.
Nikon in de Koken 6 years ago
Lindsay, just had a look at your website - were all those portsmouth pics taken with your x10? They're very nice!

I think I'm going to get my sensor changed, I can't see much wrong with the photo's that I've seen so far with the new sensor, excpet the obviousremoval of the orbs, which aren't the end of the world, but if they can be fixed, they should be...
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
Post removed by L-A 28/06/12 due to interference with website.
simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago

Wow! As usual, wonderful photography! The car photos speak volumes!
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
nakeddork 6 years ago
Very professionally done Lindsay.

Thanks for the examples.

I still plan to keep the original sensor. I didn't buy the x10 to be an all-in-one camera. I bought it specifically as a scouting/testing/experimenting/fun camera. The way the original rendered colors, contrasts, and tones was what solidified the investment. The new sensor renders a different quality, which I probably would have been hesitant to buy if it was the same in the original.

I've never had a problem with orbs in any practical shooting situations...and I've put it in situations that would have been tough with my D700. Also, if I expect to do serious land/city scape dusk shots, I'd use my dlsr anyway.

I don't mind the subtle flaw...well it's not really a flaw rather a quality of the sensor. In any case, artistic innovation often steams from turning a limitation into an asset, which is something the gear heads, anti orb fanatics, and freak jobs at dpreview will never be able to comprehend.
poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
Lindsay-Ann - those look good. I for one tend to prefer the cooler look to the pictures you posted vs the almost over saturated look that the raws have coming out of the camera. I should be dropping the thing off at the repair center Tuesday (cheaper to run it to them then ship it with insurance...)
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
Nakeddork, yes, if you don't get orbs then there's no need to get the new sensor. I decided to get mine replaced since I tend to shoot car shows in the summer and I didn't want to risk orbs appearing on areas of chrome. The new sensor is a little more natural in how it renders colours and details, which I don't mind at all - but it might be interesting for you to borrow a new sensor and do some tests - I would certainly value your view on it.

Christopher - so far I've found the RAW files a bit more noisy than before (I shot the tests in JPEG since that's how I normally use the X10) , I don't know why (or maybe it's just my eyes) - it's almost as if Lightroom doesn't recognise them as well as it did the original sensor. I'd welcome other opinions on that. But so far (I've only had it a few days) I'm feeling very pleased with its performance. Looking forward to your evaluation when you get yours back.

When I first used the new sensor I wasn't too sure about it - simply because it was a little different to what I'd become used to seeing. Previously I used to see a sort of 'line' around dark objects against a light background, and that used to annoy me, but that seems to have improved with the new sensor.

Ultimately my findings are based on the way I shoot, the way I set up my X10, and my own personal opinion and aesthetic. Therefore what I say is in no way authoratative and is simply based on my own user experience and tastes. I'm afraid I run the risk of more hate attacks when I say something positive about this camera, no matter how balanced and objective my opinion is.
Nikon in de Koken 6 years ago
I'm going to get it done, I love the camera and I didn't think the orbs would bother me, but I guess they do....but I still wouldn't have bought any other camera....
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
I see my latest images are now being discussed on a certain forum. I ran the risk of that when I posted them here. As I said, it's down to personal preference. It is subjective. And the X10 complicates this by having so many complex shooting parameters which can be selected by the user. One person may live in EXR 6mp mode, whilst the next person might be like me and prefer to shoot in a normal way, at full size, individually controlling matters such as sharpness, colour, DR etc. Then there is the experience and skill of the user in controlling exposure, focus point, depth of field, colour, composition and of course post processing. Therefore the same scene shot by any two individuals may appear very different, and of notably differing quality or style. That is why no single opinion is the only 'credible' opinion because it is so much harder to standardize the output from a camera such as the X10 unless the same person is conducting side by side, rigorously controlled tests, which we have not really had the luxury of seeing yet (at least in any meaningful way). And no two pairs of eyes are the same either.

If you are troubled by orbs then getting the new sensor is probably a no-brainer. Is the new sensor different? 'In my opinion' there are some slight differences, as set out above. Those differences may well suit a lot of folk who prefer a more conventional look to their pictures and 'I personally' am quite happy to accept those changes as they do not appear to compromise the way I like to shoot and I have provided evidence to support my view. But other views may differ, just as they will with almost any other camera on the market today.
dhaneshr 6 years ago
All these discussions about perceived differences in the way the new sensor behaves just reminds me of this:

Observer-expectancy effect
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Experimenter effect)

The observer-expectancy effect (also called the experimenter-expectancy effect, expectancy bias, observer effect, or experimenter effect) is a form of reactivity, in which a researcher's cognitive bias causes them to unconsciously influence the participants of an experiment. It is a significant threat to a study's internal validity, and is therefore typically controlled using a double-blind experimental design.
An example of the observer-expectancy effect is demonstrated in music backmasking, in which hidden verbal messages are said to be audible when a recording is played backwards. Some people expect to hear hidden messages when reversing songs, and therefore hear the messages, but to others it sounds like nothing more than random sounds. Often when a song is played backwards, a listener will fail to notice the "hidden" lyrics until they are explicitly pointed out, after which they are obvious. Other prominent examples include facilitated communication and dowsing.
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
Indeed - I think that might explain some of the 'opinions' I've seen elsewhere on the new X10 sensor - from people who haven't even been near one! I've already seen the odd person read something or make an inference which they can transpose into a negative and report as such themselves, based on no personal experience or exposure to the object under discussion.
poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
Sounds like a serious case of dpreviewitis. They better never see this then where I am all happy with my camera and actually take pictures with it!
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
OMG Christopher - you actually use your X10?! I'm guilty of that too. I love your pictures, they're fabulous.
nakeddork 6 years ago
Dhanser - most people didn't notice orbs in the original sensor till it was specifically pointed out. Even then, people where thinking any kind of high contrast highlight was an orb. People, are saying high contrast highlights on the new sensor are orbs too.

It basically boils down to that using a high contrast light source is going to produce circles of specularity on every reflective subject, with any camera. This is generally why flash photographers diffuse light.

Any one shooting a metal statue, car, glass, etc seriously probably shouldn't be doing so under the mid day sun any way. Unless it is a cloudly day or you have diffusers.

I'm a lighting photographer. Lighting conditions are always on the fore front of my mind, even when I'm shooting ambient. I establish a key light and expose for it also with background exposure in mind, I know it color temp, its contrast, and it's direction without thinking. This is why I've never had problems with orbs, I wouldn't general shoot in coniditions that would produce them, and if I had to it wouldn't be serious shooting.

Like Lindsey said, it comes down how a particular person uses the camera and what they use it for. I appears that Lindsey uses it in more of a serious context by doing her blog work to promote her photography business. I could definitely see why she would want to have a camera that is more versilite in every condition.

I use the x10 as an experimenting and fun camera...I have done serious work with it though...and I am particularly found of the unique quality of images the oringinal sensor produces, and I'm more than willing to compromise minimal blooming to keep it.

In either case, the x10 is more suited for those with a decent foundation in photography. People should under stand how they shoot and their intent and make their own decisions. Although, I recommend not to let the freak jobs at dpreview to have an influence. People there are not photographers.
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
Well said.

I usually have my X10 with me on formal assignments - and I'll usually reel off a few shots with it, much to the interest of the clients/participants. When the images are viewed, files from the X10 almost always make their way into the final cut. This is a great way of reinforcing a point nakeddork made - that it's not the camera which takes the picture, it's the person behind it - my clients often have 'good' compact cameras, but they can't normally produce the same shots that I, or any other advanced user will create because they lack technical and creative know-how. The X10 is in my opinion an exceptional little machine, and it's popular with pros and strong amateurs for a reason.
simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago
Well Lindsay, cover your 6. Some fool just posted your web on DPR FTF. Wish people wouldn't don't that sort of thing!

Interesting the "EXSPURTS" at DPR FTF agree you are producing great photography with your X10. Wonder why they can't, take pictures that is? They are the "EXSPURTS" after all. Hope Amazon is enjoying the reputation those idiots are giving DPR's FTF.

Anyhoo, word to the wise....... watch your web site!
nakeddork 6 years ago
Haha...yeah, I take the x10 on gigs too. I use the x10 to do the test shooting, set lights, make a picture checklist, and what-not. Some of the test pictures always make it into the final cut.

Yeah, either way, the x10 is a nice little advanced bare-bones camera, in a small and stylish package.
Rudy Pollak PRO 6 years ago
I'm not sure what to do. I love my x10 orbs not a major problem, noise would be if its increased in the new sensor. The post processing I do would just make my images noisier so I have to watch the noise.
Here are my shots if you haven't seen them, but Im happy. Do I replace just to replace?????and take the noise chance?
poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
Well, the thing has finally gone away:

Camera sick. Gone to hospital.

It was both faster and cheaper for me to bomb down the 401 and drop the thing off at the doctor's. I will let you know what I think of the sensor when I get it back in a few days (give or take).
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
Will, it appears there was indeed another attack on my website (last night). This seems to happen when I become prominent with X10 comments. Many people have told me to just ignore it and keep on posting, but it's tiresome and stressful and I may have to decide not to contribute to forums anymore.
poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
It might be worth investigating (if possible) where the attacks are coming from. If it can be found to be coming from the same place(s) each time, and has happened several times, then the line may be being crossed over into criminal harassment and police should be notified. I am not sure of the practicalities of this, or how you could even go about proving it, but being harassed and having your webpage attacked because you like a stupid point and shoot camera is so absurd.
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
Yes, it is illegal Christopher, but it's very easy for the perpetrator to set up attacks from different computers/IP addresses. I've reported it and it's been added to the data we've been gathering since March. I agree this is the product of a pathetic, inadequate mind. The DoS attacks aren't the only things I've had to suffer as a result of my X10 activity, but I'll not go into any details.
poised sleet [deleted] 6 years ago
I just think the whole thing is pathetic. I do hope that you can get things sorted out to your satisfaction.
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
Thanks Christopher. I'll get over it, it's more of an annoyance than anything. In future I'll not go into too much detail about how I use my X10 and I'll not post any more links to photographs taken with it! I'll try and carry on posting, but more in a general kind of way.
simple balance [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by simple balance (member) 6 years ago
Sorry Lindsay, Daja-vu!

All over a stupid little camera. Why? Does anyone recall a camera that has caused such emotional vitriol.

I will keep talking positively and posting photos taken with the X10 just to pour salt on DPR FTF. It's a great camera and fun to use so my little adventure will be enjoyable
nakeddork 6 years ago
Super lame
Tanny1936 6 years ago
Dear Lindsay, I am so sorry that you have suffered so much. It is so very unfair and must hurt you in so many ways. You have a great talent and I wish you all the best.
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
Another attack started an hour ago. Sorry, but I'm going to have to go through my recent threads and remove any links to my site. Then I'll need to remove my blog posts - yet again.
royal wrist [deleted] 6 years ago
Not again. :(

Anyway, i just sent my camera to Fuji Malaysia on Wednesday. Maybe expecting it to be done in 2 weeks time.
Knitlitcamper 6 years ago
Lindsay, so sorry to read that this is happening AGAIN! Geesh..I do hope that they will be able to ferret out who is doing this. :(
simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago

Interesting the attacks only happen after your web link is posted on DPR FTF. That's a tell. Remember Sherlock Holmes...When the obvious is elimated, what's left is the solution. Words to that effect!
ayrton photography 6 years ago
I am going to send my X10 to Fujifilm Malaysia for the replacement.

Didn't plan to do so at first because I can live with the white orbs, but now there's fungus in my viewfinder so I need to send it for a cleaning. So I think I might just as well get the sensor replaced.

Anyone having this fungus issue? I have no idea how it found its way into the viewfinder by the way :(
Septimus Low PRO 6 years ago
Just wondering when Fuji will be doing the sensor replacement in China. I have sent them a email providing them with my camera and contact details and no respond. When I call their service line, they just ask me to follow up with their website announcement and nothing so far.
SteveDesj 6 years ago
Hey Lindsay,

I just looked around your site and you do wonderful work. Sorry about the attacks.
andmerks 6 years ago
Guys, I just realized that my lens has dust inside of it, or on the sensor itself. While taking photos of neutral backgrounds there are two marks that I'll post later.

My question is, will I be at a disadvantage to send my X10 for the sensor replacement (Yes, I have orbs too)? A few of you here are saying that the older sensor is better than the new replacement.

What do you think I should do? Just suck it up and deal with both issues (if I see fit) with post production? Or should I just get my sensor replaced and lens/sensor cleaned?
Marvin NotD Martian 6 years ago
I submitted my x10 for a replacement sensor to FujiSG and they indicated in the receipt that it's a Lens Change so I had to ask if they did a sensor swap they said the lens and sensor is one unit hhmm.. anyway I had to take it back as the aperture blades were not working didn't noticed it when i took the cam.
royal wrist [deleted] 6 years ago
I just got my X10 back from Fuji Malaysia and it does say "Replaced Part (Lens)" as well.

Anyway, no more orb! Have yet to test outdoor. Just a simple test i did with my phone's LED. It's the only pic i kept to compare.

Orb / No Orb
Claudia P2010 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Claudia P2010 (member) 6 years ago
I'm pretty late getting in on this conversation, Lindsay I'm sorry you are under attack again, maybe instead of posting a link to your site it would be better to upload any pics you want to show here to your flickr account and just post the link to the pics there.

I've really been on the fence about sending my X10 in for the new sensor, yes in bright sunlight I can produce some pretty spectacular orbs, but I can also use a circular polarizer and alter my position to minimize them.

I don't often shoot at night so I really hadn't tested under those conditions until Friday night.
My other half recently bought a drag car, a 23 T Bucket Altered Roadster, and Friday the weather finally co-operated enough to take it out for test and tune.

I decided to try the video on the X10 and see how that worked, never having used the video feature of any still camera I was really just pushing buttons to see what would happen.

My little X10 took some amazingly sharp steady short videos in the dark with definite opportunities for huge orbs. I'm very very impressed with the video abilities of this little camera, and the sound is equally amazing.

Just for fun I took a couple of still shots, in the dark, of the track lights and I didn't get one orb. Oh I'm sure someone could blow them up and find one, but I haven't done that. I don't pretend that those shots are good, I didn't bother to compose, just raised the camera and shot.

I haven't gotten my email from Fuji USA yet even though I registered with them when the sensor replacement was first announced.

I'm really pretty sure, especially after seeing some of the noisy after replacement shots, that I am going to keep mine as is. I don't plan on ever selling it so resale value is not a problem.

Everyone who has seen these videos has been blown away by them, but no one more than me. I know just how shaky I was while standing in the bed of a pickup truck watching my other half on the track with a car that was being a handful.

I'm not pretending that this is a good picture, it is SOOC, shot on EXR auto.
Two short videos are also on my Flickr site, I also don't pretend that they are good, focus is off a bit and they are unedited. It was the first time I tried the video feature and I have no idea what I am doing, I turned the dial to video and pushed the shutter button.

simple balance [deleted] 6 years ago
Claudia, the problem isn't with Lindsay posting her web address, it's other people posting her link on DPR FTF. Every time that happens Lindsay gets a full on auto dial assault. Just setting the facts straight....
Claudia P2010 6 years ago
I know but her posting it here gives others the addy, or reminds them they have it, to post over there. If she uploaded her photos to Flickr and then posted the imbedded pics here that is the link others would post.
It wouldn't solve the problem, but it might help.
Lindsay-Ann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lindsay-Ann (member) 6 years ago
Claudia, I don't even have to post pictures - all it takes is for me to make the wrong kind of comment in a place where the wrong person sees it and that can be enough for me to attract the wrong kind of attention. it's very easy for them to look up my website address.

I'm ashamed to say I've not even tried my X10's video feature yet! After reading your post, I'm definitely going to.
Claudia P2010 6 years ago
Lindsay, I'm really sorry there are people like this in the world.

This is the very first time I've ever tried video on any still camera and the first time I've tried any video editing. The videos posted on my Flickr page aren't edited but I've been playing with CS6's video editing for the last hour or so and having a lot of fun with it.

I imagine now that he has his race car I'm going to have a lot of opportunities to play :)

I took my Nikon Friday night too but the X10 was doing such a nice job I never even took it out of it's case.
Lindsay-Ann 6 years ago
My main worry with video is my shaky hands! I always envy dexterous people.
Claudia P2010 6 years ago
I have VERY shaky hands, the X10 did an admirable job of stabilizing the video.
optimal throne [deleted] 6 years ago
I've just had this from Fuji UK:

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the new sensor to become
available for your FUJIFILM X10 camera and we hope that you have enjoyed
using it since we returned it to you.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that when shooting using
particular settings, a limited number of sensors may produce a grainy
(noisy) image. The settings are not commonly used (low ISO, high DR and M
file size), so you may not have noticed this problem arise.

However, we are anxious to correct this issue. All it needs is a very
quick and simple software adjustment, which, unfortunately, needs to be
done at our Service Centre. We will not need to open up or disassemble
your camera, just update the software to correct this one bug. This issue
affects a limited number of cameras handled by our UK Service Centre, which
acts as a service hub for the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Denmark,
Holland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland.

We are very sorry to cause this disturbance again. We are happy to make
this adjustment whenever you are able to leave the camera with us for a few
days. We will send you out a protective postal bag as soon as you contact
us, and we will return the camera as soon as we can. Of course, the
delivery costs will be met by us.

Has anyone here had any noise problems with their new sensor? (I noticed some comments on another site.) I'll try a few tests later to see if I can duplicate the problem.
Marvin NotD Martian 6 years ago
if anyone is interested www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x10
*Nick_Cool* 6 years ago
My test

X10 test by *Nick_Cool*
BenR167 6 years ago
Only had a quick look at my returned camera and it looks good. Can't see any dust and the body looks immaculate

On the repair sheet it says that they have replaced the CMOS sensor and adjusted the focal length meter... Anyone know what that is ?
Septimus Low PRO 6 years ago
In China, I need to proof that my sensor does has the orbs issue from picture store in my SD card for justification of replacement. I am going away for a trip and might not want to do this now.
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