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  • Fuji x-t10

    Hi all. Just like to say first what great work I have seen while I have been...

    Shoot Anything.6 weeks ago0 replies

  • Why do YOU shoot with Fuji?

    Why have you chosen to shoot with a Fujifilm system? I'd love to hear your answe...

    SonnyandSandy8 months ago8 replies

  • New XF 33mm F1.0

    This is a monster lens. It would be big in size and also pricey. Who will nee...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)18 months ago0 replies

  • Best Fuji Portrait Lens

    Fuji has launched a few medium telephoto lenses until now. That included 56mm F1...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)23 months ago1 replies

  • Can anyone recommend a carrying case for the FUJINON XF 100-400mm lens?

    Amazon has a ''DURAGADGET Durable Black Protective Water-Resistant Lens Carry Ba...

    mikhs124 months ago1 replies

  • post more than 50 captures a day in this group?

    I joined this group, feeling interested to look at other Fuji-photographers on F...

    Moni E29 months ago4 replies

  • Best value for money

    Which Fuji X camera is the best value for money in your opinion? Fuji X-Pro2?...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)32 months ago1 replies

  • 16-80mm F4?

    Many DSLR brands have this zoom range 24-120mm F4 (constant aperture) in full fr...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)32 months ago2 replies

  • ACROS and Grain Effect on X-Pro2

    I have read a review saying ACROS film simulation should NOT be used in parallel...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)39 months ago0 replies

  • What focal length still required?

    Fuji has now covered most of the focal length by zooms from 19mm to 400mm. Ho...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)40 months ago0 replies

  • Fujifilm GFX 50S

    This super monster beauty is out today. 51MP mirrorless medium format Fuji GF...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)41 months ago0 replies

  • Your Favorite Fuji Film Simulation

    Fuji X camera are famous for its great film simulation such as Provia, Classic C...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)41 months ago0 replies

  • Do we need IS on fixed lenses?

    Fuji has been making all the improvements on their camera and lenses like better...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)42 months ago0 replies

  • X-T1 retiring so soon!

    X-T2 is coming out and I could not imagine my X-T1 is retiring so soon! Will ...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)43 months ago2 replies

  • 18.5mm F2.8 on X70 vs. XF 18mm F2 lens

    I find the 18.5mm F2.8 lens on X70 can do faster AF and better image quality tha...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)44 months ago1 replies

  • X70 or X100?

    Comparing the price, lens, features and performance, what do you prefer? X70 ...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)44 months ago1 replies

  • IS Prime Lens?

    Right at this moment, Fujifilm has only image stabilizaton OIS with the zoom len...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)44 months ago0 replies

  • Fuji X200

    Fuji X100 series are great street shooting cameras. What will you expect on X...

    Harris Hui (in search of light)46 months ago0 replies

  • Color artifatcts on a particular photograph

    Is it a lens default, a sensor default, or an xtrans idiosyncrasy on this photog...

    cam.martin47 months ago0 replies

  • La sélection de la semaine #120 (22 juillet 2013)

    Voici la sélection des 5 photos de la semaine du groupe publiée sur www.fuji-x.c...

    Pupilux79 months ago0 replies

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