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Group Description

Welcome to the Flickr Tokyo Photo Session!
As of April, 19th, 2013, the day FTPS 6th anniversary, a founder/administrator StudioFirstStage has decided to close this group in 6 months.

Until then, this group is still available with a couple of limitations as shown below.
+ No new members approved
+ No offical events

Since last year, quite few people joind our official events, and quite few activities on discussions. It probably means FTPS has accomplished its role when StudioFirstStage and jessleecuizon, formerly kown as kalandrakas, start the group.

Thanks for giving your interestings to the group for 6 years, and hope good luck to all of the member's.

This is a group of photographers (amateurs and professionals) based in Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures. We all come from different countries with different cultures, but we share one thing in common -- the passion for photography.

Flickr Tokyo Photo Session. Get yours at

Group Rules

* The Flickr Tokyo Photo Session (FTPS) group is public, but invitation only.
* You have to be invited by other members, or you can join by clicking the "Join the Group" link in the front page. One of the administrators will approve it.
* New members can introduce themselves in this thread New Members here!

Discussion and Comments
* Any member can open a thread: be it a photomeet, event invitation, inquiry or help, tips, and other useful topics.
* Topic threads may be (1) edited by an administrator for correction and to ensure clear information; (2) merged with a duplicate/similar thread; (3) deleted if off-topic and/or offensive.

Group Pool
* Only pictures taken during offical FTPS photomeets or events are allowed to be posted to the pool. All other photos will be rejected or deleted from the pool.
* An FTPS photomeet is official when it has been discussed in the Discussion, is open to all members, has a fixed meeting time and place, and is discussed at least three days before the event.
* Photos are subject to review before being posted to the pool.
* Please tag the photos with "FTPS" or "Flickr Tokyo Photo Session" to help admininstators and moderators identify the official ones.
* Pictures not taken during the official photomeets or events can be posted in the FTPS "after hours" group. See details here.

Group Pictures

Dec 2012 Kishin Shinoyama's Exhibition and mini photo walk in Nishi-Shinjuku
2 Dec 2012
FTPS 2 Dec 2012 in Nishi-Shinjuku
(Photo by Greedy Piglet)

Sept 2012 BBQ in Sarushima island, Yokosuka
29 Sept 2012
FTPS  29 Sept 2012 in Sarushima island
(Photo by Greedy Piglet)

May 2012_02 - Matsuri Photo-meet in Shinjuku & Yoyogi Park
27 May 2012
FTPS Yoyogikoen 5/27/12
(Photo by TheAmazingShrinkingMan)

May 2012_01 - FTPS Film Day in Shimokitazawa
20 May 2012
FTPS Shimokitazawa 5/20/12
(Photo by TheAmazingShrinkingMan)

December 2011 - Naritasan&Ueno
10 December 2011
FTPS NaritaSan
(Photo by tripp_michael)

November 2011 - Hamarikyu~Asakusa by water bus & Tateish
12 November 2011
FTPS Nov. 2011
(Photo by Greedy Piglet)

October(2) 2011 - Jindaiji
22 October 2011
FTPS Jindai Botanical Garden
(Photo by dragonflytz)

October(1) 2011 - Kawagoe
9 October 2011
Tokyo Eye LR-0280
(Photo by Ryuugakusei)

May 2011 - Yokohama
29th May 2011
Group shot 29/05/11 FTPS
(Photo by Rak's passion boy (楽の情熱ボーイ))

April 2011 - Showa Memorial Park
30th April 2011
(Photo by Rak's passion boy (楽の情熱ボーイ))

March 2011 - Kichijoji
27th March 2011
FTPS on 27 March 2011
(Photo by a passing-by person (thank you!), with Greedy Piglet 's)

March 2011 - Koganei-Park
5th March 2011
January 16th FTPS
(Photo by Fried Toast)

January 2011 - Shinagawa
16th January 2011
January 16th FTPS
(Photo by Charles JL)

September 2010 - Marunouchi
21st September 2010
September 21st FTPS
(Photo by tyler928)

September 2010 - Sarushima
19th September 2010
FTPS@ Sarushima 9-19-10
(Photo by eitaroh)

July 2010 - Koenji
26th July 2010
Do You Love Someone?
(Photo by tyler928)

July 2010 - Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk at the Imperial Palace
24th July 2010
FTPS Photo Walk Group.jpg
(Photo by Will Hastings)

April 2010 - Shinjuku Gyoen
11th April 2010
04.11.2010 FTPS Shinjukugyoen Group Shot
(Photo by Fried Toast)

January 2010 - Hiroo & Arisugawa Park
30th January 2010
(Photo by ndavid)

November 2009 - Momiji Meetup in Rikugi-en
29th November 2009
FTPS Momiji Meetup groupshot
(Photo by Charles JL)

April 2009 - Film Meet-up in Yurakucho
29th April 2009
(Photo by

April 2009 - BBQ Party in Showa-kinen Park in Tachikawa
19th April 2009
FTPS BBQ 19 April 09
(Photo by babybinjp)

March 2009 in Kawagoe, Saitama
22th March 2009

(Photo by kalandrakas)

February 2009 in Yushima, Ueno, & Nippori
28th February2009
(Photo by 神酒 Coal)

February 2009 in Kamakura
15th February2009
FTPS High School Class Picture
(Photo by -miguelito-)

January 2009 in Nihon-bashi
31st January 2009
01.31.2009 FTPS Shinnihonbashi Group Photo
(Photo by Fried Toast)

December 2008 in Tachikawa
14th December 2008
Group Shot
(Photo by 神酒 Coal)

November 2008 in Fuchu, Tokyo
30th November 2008
Fishy's Evil Cousin FTPS Group Shot
(Photo by 神酒 Coal)

September 2008 Photomeet in Asakusa, Hamarikyu Garden, Ginza
27th September 2008
Sept 27 FTPS meeting
(Photo by Mantas LT)

August 2008 Photomeet in Harajuku / Koenji
23rd August 2008

(Photo by Kalandrakas)

August 2008 Photomeet in Harajuku
17th August2008
FTPS 17th August 2008
(Photo by 神酒 Coal)

July 2008 Photomeet in Inokashira Park
12th July 2008
[FTPS@Inokashira Koen] The Photosession Group Shot
(Photo by akumach)

July 2008 Photoviewing at K's Cafe
5th July 2008
FTPS Group Shot
(Photo by 神酒 Coal)

May 2008 Photomeet in Shinbashi, Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba
25th May 2008
(Photo by jonathan_pui)

April 2008 Photomeet in Kamakura
20th April 2008
Happy Anniversary! (Part 2)
(Photo by enggul)

April 2008 Photomeet in Enoshima
19th April 2008
Happy Anniversary! (Part 1)
(Photo by enggul)

March 2008 Photomeet at Imperial Palace
30th March 2008
flickr tokyo photo session
(Photo by jonathan_pui)

February 2008 Photomeet at Odawara
24th February 2008
Flickr Tokyo Photo Session - Feb '08 Groupshot
(Photo by 神酒 Coal)

December Photomeet in Kagurazaka
15th Dec 2007
Flickr Tokyo Photo Session
(Photo by tyler928)

September Photomeet in Harajuku
9th Sept 2007
flickr meet
(Photo by kalandrakas)

Flickr Tokyo Photo Session. Get yours at

Group Rules

Since this group has been closed, no new member is approved to join.
Thank you.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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