Alec Soth 3:45pm, 1 November 2010
Writing about Manuela Costalima’s (iwhishiwereinvisible) winning project for the 2nd assignment, I asked, ‘Why are amateur photographs so damn good?’ I’d like to follow up on this question with Assignment #3:

1) Take a picture of a non-photographer
2) Have this person take a picture of you (with the same camera or another camera)
3) Put these images side by side in a single file
4) Briefly describe who this person is (friend, lover, stranger, child, etc).
5) Submit as many of these double-portraits as you wish in a set entitled ‘From Here To There: Assignment #3’ on our Flickr Contest Page.

The deadline for posting is November 26th. The winner will be announced on December 1st.
Cees Willems PRO 6 years ago
Assignment #3:
On the right is my sister.
On the left am I with my sisters daughter, photographed by my sister.

* by Cees Willems
Alec Soth 6 years ago
Luceres, thanks for being the first to post. What I love is the combination of the two pictures. They work together really well.
Cees Willems PRO 6 years ago
Thank you!
Δαίδαλος 6 years ago
Assignment #3 submission. info in caption:
From Here To There: Assignment #3 by Δαίδαλος
adampeds Posted 6 years ago. Edited by adampeds (member) 6 years ago
assignment #3
During my personal project of the clay tips around my area, I photographed this worker (top image) and thought this would be a great opportunity for this assignment, so I chucked him my Bronica and told him how to focus it and this was his result, well out of focus and I like it...I didn't know this guy but what a character! Hope you like it...

From Here To There by adampeds
garageowns PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by garageowns (member) 6 years ago
andy by me, me by andy

hey, the pub is always a good place to make pictures!
Andy is a fellow drinker at the Bell pub in Hove.
garageowns PRO 6 years ago
bert by me, me by bert

Bert is the manager at the Bell pub in Hove....and a good friend!
garageowns PRO 6 years ago
marie and me

Marie is my wife...and hahahaha, she has a new iPhone!
Amanda Mollindo 6 years ago

The boyfriend and I at the park.
garageowns PRO 6 years ago
me by bert, bert by me

another pub double header
9stars Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 9stars (member) 6 years ago
No doubt the first of a few additions :)
Dad&Me&Einstein by 9stars
This is My Dad and his 'bird' Einstein...because of the askew feathers
Jon&Me&Sailor Jerry by 9stars
and this is my friend Jon and Sailor Jerry head still hurts. Happy Birthday Jon!
It's uncomfortable having my camera pointed at me, but I'm enjoying seeing what they do with it. I think both of their pictures are better then the ones I took but obviously it's because I'm such a great model ;) Hahahaha!
EvisNP Posted 6 years ago. Edited by EvisNP (member) 6 years ago
Museum Guard

The top picture is me . I directed (directed ...whoa!) so much of it not much was left apart from pressing the button ...but I had to feel comfortable (didn't) and I hate having my picture taken. The second one of a pal was a bit experimental but I was pleased that something of the persona still comes through. Oh and we are both chess players. Hence a wee bit of the black and white .
Simon_Bates PRO 6 years ago

This is a picture(s) of me and my lovely wife Hanna. There was loads of housework to be done and neither of us felt like doing it, so we started fooling round with the camera and kids halloween accessories. we eventually did the housework.
bart1eby 6 years ago
As my beautiful wife refuses to let me release any portrait of her face I had to get creative with this one -

shree by me by bart1eby

my wife by me

me by shree by bart1eby

me by my wife

us by me by bart1eby

us by me

us by shree by bart1eby

us by my wife

hope that's okay...

Felipe Carnotto [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Felipe Carnotto (member) 6 years ago

Actually I prefer the photo of Bernt, my girlfriend´s father (photo down). I explained him how to use a rangefinder camera focus and the result is amazing. The exposure in Bernt´s photo is better, because he didnt change the exposure that I used in the first photo. We spend more or less 20 mins to take the photos. He is patient. He´s a good listener.
Matthew Bivens Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Matthew Bivens (member) 6 years ago
Left -(myself) Matthew Bivens
Right - Matthew Mootz

Mootz is what I call him by, he's a good friend I've known since kindergarden. We've basically watched each other grow up within the years pasted.
9stars 6 years ago
So, today I learned that strangers aren't really comfortable changing things on my camera. They'll direct me no problem, but they don't like to touch anything other then the shutter button even after I show them how to adjust things to their liking, so from now on I think I'm going to bring a regular point & shoot out too.
Cool Hat Man&Me&cowboys by 9stars
Tolerant Man&Me Play Hide and Seek...sort of by 9stars

Red Fez guy&Me by 9stars
I also learned that I apparently am incapable of looking directly at my camera. Hopefully, the point & shoot will help with that too!
andie wilkinson PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by andie wilkinson (member) 6 years ago
ok,here we go ....two pictures by my 6 year old daughter Rosa,followed by my portrait of her.I loved the way that she just took the camera ,had an enthousiastic burst of photographing just about anything(but me) and then moved on to something else,tossing the camera aside.For me her pictures really capture the spirit of our garden on those late summer days.
-ga 6 years ago
how do you do that thing about showing in the link "set icon"?
9stars Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 9stars (member) 6 years ago
I was just told how to do that...I think. Do you see where it says 'Want to format your reply?' down below? It's all in there.

Like this...

Sweet! It worked! Have fun!
-ga Posted 6 years ago. Edited by -ga (member) 6 years ago
hey , thanks Jessica!!! :-)
so easy! thanks for teaching me and pasting my set! :-)
I made that picture sq just to have it as the "face" of my set, love he was taking a selfie with his ipod while I was taking him doing so...
jentrail 6 years ago
love the amateur aspect! hate being photographed!

that said, my first one was pretty easy... and i ended up with a whole day's worth of mother-daughter photos. my daughter was hilarious. she would either take the photo without waiting, or she would't take it at all until i did some kind of ridiculous "cool" pose that she would direct...

so here's my mother-daughter-sunny-day-bike-ride-soccer-field-pit-stop:

9stars Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 9stars (member) 6 years ago
The Art Teacher&Me&America by 9stars
Kickass! combo by 9stars
Presenting - Boob by 9stars

Garbage lady&Me by 9stars
Terry&Wonder woman by 9stars
Fun&Me by 9stars
I had the P&S just in case, but everyone wanted to use mine. Was the Whoops-I-Almost-Dropped-It joke ever funny?
Annie (sleeping) 6 years ago

My brother by me, then me by him. Over a year ago.
Thanos Siozos 6 years ago
I'm late to the party (haven't done the other 2 assignments) and hope it's ok to enter now.
So here's some half portraits I made for this with friends and strangers.




9stars Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 9stars (member) 6 years ago
Welcome to the party! At a quick glance those are really creepy, especially because you alternate sides...but, you know, creepy in a good way. :)

Flight series by 9stars

Let's not discuss that I have a butterfly tattoo on my lower back.
Thanos Siozos 6 years ago
Haha that's one creepy butterfly 9stars.

Here's another one to keep you up at night.

susan catherine PRO 6 years ago
I love the half and half portraits, Thanos... really fun!
susan catherine PRO 6 years ago

I loved the fact that Claire chose where she wanted to be photographed (in the empty lot next to her house) and where she wanted to photograph me; reflected in the window. She tried really hard to keep all the surrounding wall out but I told her it was OK to keep in the shot.
Thanos Siozos 6 years ago
Hi susan and thanks for the comments!

OK, I'll add another 3 portraits fresh from the street and I'll stop for tonight.

First the reluctant pharmacist. The lady was quite reluctant to stop for a picture since it was quite dark there. Sorry for the weird white balance it's the street lights.


Another passer by:


That's it :)
upperpartials Posted 6 years ago. Edited by upperpartials (member) 6 years ago
Strangers to each other, we made pictures together in downtown Chicago. I took their photograph, we did a little song and dance, then they took my photo. Double exposures (film!) made in the camera.

Intersections by upperpartials

Intersections by upperpartials

Intersections by upperpartials

Intersections by upperpartials

Intersections by upperpartials

Link to the entire set:
Thanos Siozos 6 years ago
That's pretty neat Joel.
andie wilkinson PRO 6 years ago
hi Susan, Thats a really charming portrait of Claire,so the ear poking out through the hair.
Joelwanek - nice concept, really well executed.
upperpartials 6 years ago
Thanks Thanos & ojpg, much appreciated! I haven't gotten in on previous assignments but hope to contribute regularly from now on.
jentrail 6 years ago
two more today...


Alejandra Villasmil 6 years ago

It's wonderful to see how you guys get so involved with this and how much fun and interesting outcomes this project generates. I have a few contributions too. They were all made in Southern Chile (I'm currently living in Santiago) over the last week. Some people even didn't know how to handle my camera. No one was directed as to how to take the pic, and I'm not retouching anything in their pictures.

Alex Buhl PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Alex Buhl (member) 6 years ago

On the left is Ahmed and his friend Abdiwali photographed by me at my sons kindergarden this morning (yes, I have the parents permission ;) - on the right is their photo of me - Abdiwali pressed the button, Ahmed held the camera (with a bit support from me) - he was a little puzzled that my Nikon doesn't show you a screen preview of the image you're about to take.. They took about 4 photos of me in total.
(30/11 - I just swapped their one of me, this one was shot secs after the first one, so it's not new..)
upperpartials 6 years ago
susan_catherine, I really like how your photo above seems as if it could be a single shot. Its really quite seemless. Also, its not really clear who the "photographer" is/was. Most of what has been posted in the pool is really clear about this aspect, but yours blurs its really lovely.
susan catherine PRO 6 years ago
Thanks Joel... I have to hand it to Claire, who lived up to the whole question of ‘Why are amateur photographs so damn good?’ She took my camera, asked what button to push and told me where she wanted me to stand. I have to admit. I like her idea, conceptually speaking, better than mine. So I can't wait to do this with some other amateurs. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two! I suppose that was what the point was, right?
susan catherine PRO 6 years ago
By the way, Joel, I've shown your stream to a few friends because I just love how your double portraits are turning out. Makes a quite fantastic set!!!
__zoe__ 6 years ago
I came to a very small village in the south of Austria about 10 days ago. My boyfriend is from this town and i've been here visiting several times before, just for some days. But this time i will spend like 6 weeks here and i found this assignment quite interesting for these weeks. It's very difficult for me to make portraits even of people i know a little bit. Like the ones here.

Hirschi, he came one afternoon to help us with some changes we did in our room.


Rainer and below Renate, friends of my boyfriend.


Edward Givis [deleted] 6 years ago
Alec Soth's "From Here to There"

I was driving through my hometown when I saw this Older Gentlemen by the name of Paul standing in his front door waiting for his daily mail to come. I took a few photos of him and then he snapped this one of me for the project. (The balloon was laying in his driveway)
Thanos Siozos Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Thanos Siozos (member) 6 years ago
Edward, the old man on the door and the balloon make one very touching and contrasting duo.
nickcook-inthehills 6 years ago
Yogi the bear was visiting the Santa Barbara Museum of Art the other day. Brian (a co-worker of mine at the museum) and I politely asked if we could each have a photograph taken with Yogi. I made a photograph of Brian and then Brian made a photograph of me.
9stars Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 9stars (member) 6 years ago
Adam&Me by 9stars

Hole in the Wall by 9stars
Elizabeth&Me by 9stars
Spyder House by 9stars

All the different takes on this are really cool and I'm seeing interpretations that never even occurred to me! I might have to go out and borrow some of these ideas...and by borrow I mean steal :) Just in case I don't get a chance to post again here's a link to my set
upperpartials 6 years ago
9stars, its looks like you're having a lot of fun. That really comes through in the photographs. Conceptually, with this project, its almost impossible to fail. However, it seems you're really going beyond just making photos with these people. Your photos make it seem like you're hanging out and really enjoying each other's company. Nice stuff!
Michael Dooney 6 years ago

Hi everyone, here is my contribution to Assignment #3.

For this assignment I posted a classified advertisement to an online modelling website. The initial response was good, with close to 10 interested participants within hours of posting. Following the rush of excitement, the number of potential subjects gradually fell away. Emails weren't answered, people didn't turn up and numerous other circumstances prevented the meetings from taking place.

However if we only met one person through the exercise then it was worth it. Bianca has been living in Berlin for one month now. She moved here from Brazil to continue her studies in dancing. She also enjoys modelling as a hobby. On this day the Berlin Bauhaus Archiv was celebrating their anniversary, so we decided to meet there to take our photos.

Ingrid.Falque 6 years ago
 by Ingrid.Falque

This weekend I was at Paris Photo. When I arrived there, I realized that there was a book signing by Alec Soth and that I forgot to take my book with me. What a shame...
As I wanted to meet him, an idea occured to me: why not asking him to do the assignment #3 with me (I had my polaroïd in my bag). Picturing and beeing pictured by Alec Soth couldn't be a bad experience! So I asked him and he agreed to play the game. Unfortunaltely, there wasn't light enough in the stand. That's why the pictures are blurred. Nevertheless, It was nice to do it. Thanks!
Alex Buhl PRO 6 years ago
v. cool Ingrid! :)
Thanos Siozos Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Thanos Siozos (member) 6 years ago
Ingrid that camera of yours doesn't have a flash? I can't believe you lost the opportunity to flash Alec straight in the face. Shame shame shame :)
Alex Buhl PRO 6 years ago
I'm guessing maybe old SX-70, and I kindof like the muddy look :)
susan catherine PRO 6 years ago

But I thought the rules were:
1) Take a picture of a non-photographer

Alec wasn't insulted!?
(I'm teasing... of course)

Great quick thinking! Kind of better than an autograph really.
wwmmww PRO 6 years ago
From Here to There : Assignment #3

Przemek and I have known each other since childhood but grew up in different countries..and we're really different...Sniezka summit, Poland 2010.

From Here to There : Assignment #3

A picture I took of Juan and another he took of me in Argentina 2007. Both subjects moving and hard to read.
chuyson11 [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by chuyson11 (member) 6 years ago

Picture by me and my girl friend at Vietnamese restaurant :)
Minneapolis,MN 2010


Picture by me and my girl friend at home :)
Minneapolis,MN 2010
__zoe__ 6 years ago
I did some more.

i've found out that though i'm not a shy person i am a lot when it comes to make a portrait, and even more when i don't know the native language. so i had my boyfriend to translate to most of the people.

what i find quite interesting is the postprocessing, that makes that both pictures resemble a lot in almost all of the pairs i'm seeing here. in order to keep it as original as possible, i am only working with the white balance, and adding a little bit more light in the scenes that demanded it. maybe i should do nothing.

what do you think about it? how are you doing this?

the new pictures:

Oma, the grandmother of my boyfriend, she's 85 years old and still working hard in the kitchen of the restaurant of my boyfriend because she likes it a lot, "I'll rest when i am not able to do anything" she says.


Otti, he's also working in another restaurant very close to "ours", he's a friend of my boyfriend. There's no competition between them.


and the carpenter of the town, Griesbacher

bart1eby Posted 6 years ago. Edited by bart1eby (member) 6 years ago
Hopefully I'm just in time for a late entry!

This is my friend Blu. She's the lead singer in the band Girl Friday and was kind enough to help me experiment with a new technique ("borrowed" from the awesome Alex Majoli...)

blu by me by bart1eby

and this is me by her -


another friend, Naomi, also was willing to help me out -


and this is me by her -


lastly, my enormous but misplaced vanity demands I post this self portrait in a desperate attempt to prove that I'm not entirely unphotogenic...

self portrait by bart1eby

DEMESA 6 years ago

Pili is my wife's aunt. She takes care of our little son when we are not around. I love her. She has the ability to float in the water like cork. She also thinks that the world is a very dangerous place. She's straight. She wants me to sit in my place to take me the picture. I take her picture in my son's bedroom. She does not like skeletons.
elizavola 6 years ago

This is a skype-call between me (upper row) and my sister Valentina (lower row). We're italian but I live in Algeria with my husband and my son Davide (with me in the last pic). We took pics of each other by using our webcams...we are alike, isn't it?
hillfish Posted 6 years ago. Edited by hillfish (member) 6 years ago
Hello all! Showed up late but here's my contribution.

I took these pictures of non-photographers in the Paris metro and on buses.
I grew up in a place where no one really walks to get from point A to point B. Given that the whole transportation system is full of steps and ridiculous transfers, I’m always amazed to see elderly people criss-crossing this city.

Metro Belleville, the Chéreau twins

Metro Barbès-Rochechouart, Mr. Good-Eye

Here's the link to the whole set:
DEMESA 6 years ago
Pili & Me Part II
Sometimes, when we get bored, Pili smokes fake cigarretes and I take off my shoes. 6 years ago
My son is 4 years old almost 5 and has been taking pictures for about 2 years. Does he still qualify as a non-photographer. I took his picture and then gave him the camera and said here you set it up, tell me where you want me.

fred and I 6 years ago
my 2 year old daughter with her david hockney style portrait of me.

started at my shoes and fired off about 5 shots leaning further and further back until she got a shot of my head.

ruby and I
andie wilkinson PRO 6 years ago
Well this turned out as a project with familly and friends,here's the link to our set.Henriette
i drove from chicago to portland down to LA and to my mom's place in dallas and ended up in austin instead. this is a collection of a few pictures of friends and those pictured taking a picture of me. i am into that sort of thing because i like to see what i find in the exchange. and the trip was a sort of vision quest...

this is a friend i treat like a sister. kate is on top with the wolf cubs of wolf people in sandpoint idaho. i then wrestled the two cubs and kate took this picture of my shit grin of a victory.


my friend chad (top) and i went on a cross country trip last summer. we saw the better part of the country and sort of fueled each other's ambitions and ideas about life along the way. this is a close up chad looking into the sun in sandpoint idaho a day after the picture he took of me standing on a crag at the badlands in montana.


the walk out there was just as treacherous.

 by novalis on a motorbike

this is my friend courtney during a pretty frantic weekend from dallas to austin and back. we've been friends for some time and i was just on a cross country trip with a friend coming home to my parents and the few friends that were left in dallas. courtney was going through a rough patch in her marriage and need a friend. at times along for the ride and at time a babysitter.

from here to there: project 3 by novalis on a motorbike

this was the last day that courtney and i hung out. it was an all-nighter to say the least. we slept in the car. or just laid around in it. til the sobering sun came up. but something happened that just made it feel like a conclusion. i left dallas for poland about 2 weeks later.

nathan g 6 years ago
guhan and nathan
Harris Tweedster 6 years ago
Danielle Meredith and I by Harris Tweedster

Wayne Burrows and I  by Harris Tweedster

Linzi Gibbs and I by Harris Tweedster

Priya Mistry and I by Harris Tweedster

Frank ? and I by Harris Tweedster

Here are my entries for the the third assignment.
jentrail 6 years ago
wow! some excellent double portraits in this pool!

the other night, i was on the back deck photographing into the woods in the dark. my mother came outside and thought it was hilarious that i was photographing "nothing". she thought it was so funny that she ran back in the house to get her camera because she wanted to take a picture of me photographing "nothing". then of course she had to try it herself. below are our photos of each other, as well as our similar photos of nothing.


__zoe__ 6 years ago
I uploaded 6 more pictures and i just post here my 2 favorites from all of them:

Conny, a friend of ours


and Marco, he's only here for some days making a practicum in my boyfriend's restaurant. I like a lot how he placed me in the portrait. and we had our first snow of this winter today!


The entire pictures can be found on the set:

danieldonnelly 6 years ago
My first time doing an Alec Soth project...

here is one with us wearing a squirrel shaped tea-cosy:

the others can be seen here
jentrail 6 years ago
just added a few more to my set... and here's the link:

Andy Eulgi Jung [deleted] 6 years ago
Assignment #3



Shirley Von-kubler PRO 6 years ago
Yikes too late but at least I made an attempt & enjoyed the process.
From Here To There
roberto_berna PRO 6 years ago
erik neufurth PRO 6 years ago
too late and assignment only half fulfilled.
sorry. forgot to ask her to shoot me, only one amateur involved.
Cynthia E. Wood Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Cynthia E. Wood (member) 6 years ago
I think I missed the deadline, too (I was without cell phone service or a computer over Thanksgiving weekend...about as close to 'off the grid' as it gets for me!). But here's my diptych nonetheless:

Photo of Samuel, age 13, by me; photo of me by Samuel

Photo of Samuel, age 13, by me; photo of me by Samuel
velvetair 6 years ago
:) at least you tried unlike me.
Cynthia E. Wood 6 years ago
Well, with any luck there will be an Assignment #4. :)
susan catherine PRO 6 years ago
what a dummy... took this one with plenty of time to post to group... then forgot and posted in my stream only. oops. scattered holiday time brain, I guess...

susan catherine PRO 6 years ago
yeah, Velvetair... next one... you're in, right?
Alec Soth 6 years ago
Congrats to Andie Wilkinson!

Read my post about Andie at
velvetair 6 years ago
well done - & i will make an effort :)
Cees Willems PRO 6 years ago
Congratulations Andie!
9stars 6 years ago
Congratulations Andie! You're images are amazing as always :)
danieldonnelly 6 years ago
EvisNP 6 years ago
Well done Andie !
Alex Buhl PRO 6 years ago
well deserved Andie! congrats.
hillfish 6 years ago
(Andie, btw where in France are you?)
Alejandra Villasmil 6 years ago
Congrats to the winner and greetings to all participants
andie wilkinson PRO 6 years ago
Thankyou very much everyone!,It's so interesting to be part of these projects ,amongst so much good work.
Thanks again Alec ...wonderful!

....Hillfish ,we are in the South West of France on the Tarn et Garonne /Aveyron border...and its Freezing!!!
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