Hand Quilting

poshdee 6:28pm, 19 September 2012
Enquiring minds want to know...... is it absolutely necessary to use a frame when hand quilting? I'm not talking about the exhibition worthy tiny stitches type of quilting, more the primitive rustic style of Gee's Bend quilts. I have just completed an improv quilt top, and I can't think of any quilting design that would look right on it, machine quilting, that is. If I hand quilted without a frame/hoop, what is the worst that would happen?
bignuttyquilter 6 years ago
You could tape your backing to the floor, layer your batting and your top, pin it if you want, which I would do to help keep if from shifting and then do your more rustic quilting so it doesn't pucker on the back. I also was thinking of a larger hoop which you mentioned as well instead of a full quilting frame. Good luck!! Would love to see it when it is done.
poshdee 6 years ago
That sounds like a plan. I'm not terribly worried about the back puckering as I think this is going to be a wall hanging rather than a functional quilt.
Meredith Daniel 6 years ago
I hand quilt every single quilt. I've never used a frame as they are entirely unnecessary if your quilt is prepared properly. I think they actually add to the problem of puckering. You can find my tute here:
Ann StewArt 6 years ago
I hand quilt every day for several hours. No hoop, just comfortable on the couch. It's a matter of holding the quilt right. I put it over my knee to create the same tension you would get from a hoop.
modernbasics1 6 years ago
I always use a hoop!
I also have a hoop on a stand, which i use all the time here. But I do live in the tropics and it gets too hot to sit with a quilt all over me!!!
The trick with hand quilting is to have the proper wrist action, with a rocking motion, coming towards to you, not to the side. That way you won't get a sore wrist and will be able to do it for hours on end - haha, we wish!!
colleenamareena 6 years ago
I usually use a large frame, but I use a hoop for smaller projects. You really have to make sure you baste well with hand-quilting, because it will take you several days or weeks, and you'll be handling your quilt a lot!

If you're not ready to invest in a hoop, just make sure you baste REALLY well (pins should be about a fist-width apart--so 4-5"), and you should be fine! :)
poshdee 6 years ago
Thank you all so much!
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