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r0ssie PRO 7:18am, 1 April 2010
It may be April Fool's Day, but having 2000 members in our group is no joke, and neither is this giveaway!

You know, having 1000 members was pretty awesome, but I think 2000 members is more awesome than awesome. And that, my friends, is the theme of this giveaway: things that are more awesome than awesome.

Like fabric. What’s more awesome than fabric? Hand-printed fabric! Indie fabric! Organic fabric!

And books. What’s more awesome than books? Signed books!

And patterns. What’s more awesome than patterns? Patterns written by people you know!

And fat quarter bundles. What’s more awesome that fat quarter bundles? Custom fat quarter bundles hand-picked by flickrettes!

A super-big shout out to (1) all of the folks who have so kindly donated to this giveaway, responding to my impertinent emails asking for free stuff with joy and generosity. You rock! (2) Amanda (aka digs&beans) for nudging me to get going with the giveaway, helping me along the way, and pinch-hitting as admin on odd days. (3) Amber (aka OneShabbyChic) for letting me use her quilt in the new group logo and for being my other back-up dancer. (4) Everyone who has been instrumental in setting up the Modern Quilt Guild or one of its chapters. This flickr group was always intended as a resource for people interested in a different way of thinking about quilts and I’ve been awed by how quickly the Modern Quilt Guild has become a vital resource of its own. Last, but not least, (5) All 2000+ members of this little Flickr group. For you generosity in sharing your creations and expressing your admiration for each other’s work, for the fact that I never have to police any unpleasantness, for generally being more awesome than awesome…thank you!

Oh, right, so you probably want to hear about the stuff, right? Well, can I tell you the rules, first?

The rules are simple. They are the same as last time. There are 29 prizes and at 5pm EST on April 8th, I will use a random number generator to pick 29 winners.

I will announce the winners here and contact them via flickr mail. I'll let first place chose their prize, then second can choose from what remains, then third, then fourth and on down the line. Winners must reply to my flickr mail within 48 hours in order to keep their place in the prize-picking queue.

International entries are okay! In fact, anyone but me can enter. In order to enter the giveaway, simply reply to this message. Say hello. Or bonjour. Or any of the greetings you have learned in your time on flickr.

Without further ado…the more awesome than awesome prizes:

1. Let’s start simple, shall we? How about a signed copy of my favorite quilting book ever?

Denyse Schmidt Quilts

Yep, Denyse Schmidt is going to sign a copy of her book and mail it to one lucky winner.

2. Maybe you’d like something more recent. How about a book that’s not even out yet? Did you know that group member Cherri House wrote a book? She did. It looks awesome. And while you can’t have this book before its release date in May, you will get a signed copy. (Thanks to C& T Publishing for donating this copy!)

City Quilts by Cherri House

3. Speaking of Cherri House, she also has a pattern shop online and is about to add this jaw-droppingly gorgeous pattern

Cherri House Quilt Pattern

She has generously offered a copy for the giveaway.

4. & 5. Elizabeth Hartman (aka Oh, Fransson!) also has a new pattern out and we have two copies to give away! Have you been reading her blog lately? I suspect that on top of quitting her day job she just might have cloned herself.

Oh, Fransson! Quilt Pattern

6. & 7. New on the scene, Kate Conklin caught my eye when I saw her patterns in the Craft Hope for Haiti shop. She has donated two copies of her patterns as well (winner gets to choose which pattern they'd like).

Kate Conklin Designs Quilt Pattern

8. Malka (aka stitchindye) has been making and selling her glorious batik fabrics for a while now. Just today, she started selling coordinated fabric packs, bundled with a pillow pattern. We've got one of the bundles available for a lucky winner!

A Stitch in Dye Fabric and Pattern

9. Of course, you may want to learn to make your own batik fabrics. If so, you might choose this signed copy of Malka's book!

Color Your Cloth by Malka Dubrawsky

Lark Books donated that copy of Malka's book and has also found it in their amazingly awesome hearts to donate...

10. A signed copy of "Quilts, Baby! which has some really fun patterns, including a few from people you'll recognize from the flickrverse!

Quilts, Baby! by Linda Kopp

11. A copy of 500 Art Quilts.

500 Art Quilts

12. The gorgeous Masters: Art Quilts.

Masters Art Quilts

13. The brand new Pretty Little Mini Quilts

Pretty Little Mini Quilts

14. Are you getting tired yet? Okay, just stare at this glorious fabric for a while and relax.

Summersville Fabric Prize

Better? Good. That lovely fabric you just gazed at comes from Lucie Summers. I asked her if she'd be interested in donating a wee bit of fabric and she responded by saying yes, yes, yes! Apparently, she loves quilters. Pictured above is a 10x14 piece of her alphabetty print. The winner of Lucie's prize gets that print plus three more pieces of fabric in a variety of colorways and designs from her shop. Lucky duck.

15. Did I mention that Lucie loves quilters? Because she's also giving away a pair of fat-quarters in her Big Totem print. One in each color way. This fabric is organic, hand-loomed, and hand silkscreened. You'll probably become a better person just by having it around.

Summersville Fabric Prize

16. Speaking of organic fabrics, Cloud 9 fabrics has a new line coming out and one lucky winner will get to pick 3 fat quarters!

Cloud 9 Fabric

17. Last time we had a giveaway, I contributed a custom fat quarter mix-pack. I had so much fun choosing the fabrics and naming the mix, that I decided to do it again:

Rossie's Sea Glass Mix

When I started putting together a list of people to bug for prizes I realized that I wanted to include some of the group's top contributors in some way. I thought they were likely to find it fun to put together custom mix packs. Turns out I was right!

18. Jacquie G put together this lovely mix of greens and oranges.

Jacquie G's Citrus Twizzle Mix

19. Ashley (aka Film in the Fridge) made this tasty mix.

Film in the Fridge's Melon Ball Mix

20. Alissa (aka handmadebyalissa), one of the driving forces behind the Modern Quilt Guild, celebrates the coming of spring with her fat quarter bundle:

Handmade by Alissa's Spring has Sprung Mix

21. And Rita (aka Red Pepper Quilts) spreads the retro love with her fresh selections

Red Pepper Quilts's Retro Mix

22. I somehow blanked on the fact that Red Pepper Quilts started offering quilt patterns this year. Thankfully, Rita reminded me and said she’d happily send one of her “Bricks and Stones” patterns from her home in Australia!

Red Pepper Quilts quilt pattern

Can we talk for a second about Australia? Is there something extra in the water over there? Because they’ve got Red Pepper Quilts, but also so many of my favorite textile designers! Seriously, Australia, you have less than 1% of the world’s population and like 60% of my favorite fabric designers. How is this possible? Well, at least generosity seems to be in the water as well, because...

23. The sassy lasses of Ink & Spindle are giving away three fat quarters from their new fabric line.

Ink & Spindle Fabric

24. Not to be outdone, Amy and Carly of Umbrella Prints are giving away three fat quarters of their Bird in Paradise print.


25. And one of their trimmings packs!

Umbrella Prints Trimmings

26. Much closer to home (my home, anyway!) we’ve got this lovely fat quarter mix from indie designer Aunt June of Kansas City!

Aunt June Fabrics

27. And from Austin, Texas, this gorgeous pair of prints from Scarlet Fig.

Scarlet Fig Fabrics

28. Do you have enough fabric, but need some guidance on combining colors and designs? C& T publishing may just have the solution to your problem. If you win, you should pick their book Intuitive Color and Design

Intuitive Color and Design by Jean Wells

29. Or maybe you’d like to learn how to dye your own fabric? Try Fabric to Dye For.

Fabric to Dye for by Frieda Anderson

You know, I’m almost glad I can’t enter this giveaway. How on earth are you people going to decide what you want? My goodness. Oh well, as my mom would say “you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it.” First, you’d better enter!

Good luck all,


The photographs used in this post are in a set in my photostream, there are more details about most items posted on the photo page for that item (for example, the names of fabric in mixes).

Have a blog? Feel free to refer your readers to this group and giveaway.

edited 4/2 to fix typos and make one clarification
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(1 to 100 of 588 replies)
bellsbellsjo PRO 7 years ago
Oh wow! Amazingness on so many levels! Firstly a huge yipeeee on hitting 2000 members - how cool is that! Well done r0ssie :-) Secondly the giveaway - oh my, my heart is all aflutter. I don't think I have seen so much lovliness in one place before - I am drooling! Thank you to all the lovely people who have offered something and for the chance to win it!
rafael's mum 7 years ago
Oooooh.. double "WOW". Millions of congratulations on the 2000. I don't make many quilts so I don't post often but I follow and watch and adore!! This must be the giveaway of all giveaways!! Funnily enough the single numbers don't seem to come up all that often on random generator so I don't think I will be winning any of the above.... It is as you said.. How to choose? On the upside... what a lovely lot of suggestions for putting on my 'to buy' wishlist! Hoping I am lucky enough to be started off with one. Thanks to all the people donating and for the cahnce to win. Good luck with the site!
sewperstitious [deleted] 7 years ago
What a great giveaway!! Would love to win.
rsislandcrafts 7 years ago
Congratulations on hitting 2000!! The quilts posted in this group are just amazing. I love looking through the photo stream for inspiration on design and color and just to relax :)

Amazing prizes! Everyone was so generous!!
catherine's attic 7 years ago
Wow this is certainly the Mother of all giveaways. Love this group, always filled with lots of inspiration and general eye candy yuminess.
Thank you to all the contributors of the prize packs for there generosity. Just amazing!
mybearpaw PRO 7 years ago
Aloha! Wowee, what a super duper giveaway! Fingers crossed!!
Also love this group and save my best photos for it!
cauchy09 PRO 7 years ago
Wow, congrats on 2000! This is an amazing giveaway. Such nice donors.
Ann StewArt 7 years ago
A deserved 2000! A fantastic giveaway!
Those are great prizes!!!
I love being a member of this group!
eyesew 7 years ago
G'day fantastic giveaway I have just become a member of the group so much inspiration .
jenn of all trades 7 years ago
DUDE. i'm all adrool...these are absolutely rad prizes. thanks for such a cool giveaway, just another reason to be glad i'm part of this group!
suejoy70 7 years ago
oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!!!
I can't say anything more
wowcarn 7 years ago
awesome! great group - thanks for organizing all this!
baileygirl_5 7 years ago
My hands are trembling as I type this ..... I'm in!!!! I'm sure there will be 2000 entries but that's the price you pay for being in such a cool group!!
Cabbage Quilts 7 years ago
Overwhelming! Congrats on 2000 what an achievement. Such generosity from so many...thank you xo
Melody Johnson Quilts 7 years ago
How Very Thrilling, and to use your word...AWESOME. Do I feel lucky?
Well do I ?
pamelas26 [deleted] 7 years ago
Amazing - over 2,000 members of FMQ!! Congrats to you, Rossie, for creating this wonderful and inspiring pool and to your back-up dancers! Count me in on this very exciting and generous giveaway - these gifts are all wonderful!
ladmquilter 7 years ago
WOW what an awesome giveaway this group is so creative and has such wonderful ideas I love it. Thanks so much for the giveaway again AWESOME ..How would you choose???
swedish fishie 7 years ago
Wow!! That's alot of generosity! 2000 people is awesome...let's keep going!
Fifi & Florence 7 years ago
Wow, what a great giveaway. I love this group - so much inspiration in one place!
pklawend 7 years ago
Super giveaway! So many creative women in one place! Thank you all for sharing your genius!
sames5 7 years ago
'Ello! (that's how I opened all my letters/cards/etc until I was in my mid-20's - I have no idea where I got it from).
Congratulations on reaching 2000 members! How totally exciting.
Like everyone else, I'd love to win!
DeeRoo G PRO 7 years ago
2000....whodda thunk it?!:) r0ssie...I have learned so much from this group and I thank you for putting it together and also all you FANFREAKINTASTIC Quilters out there who have taught and inspired me.....too many quilts too little time!:)
lovelihood PRO 7 years ago
Such awesome goodies! And such an awesome and inspirational group! I love seeing all the new quilts come through my RSS everyday.
Applecyder 7 years ago
holy awesomeness. this is great. thanks for an awesome group, rossie!
mrssorrells2009 7 years ago
HOLY MOLY! i cannot even wrap my head around this...but i will try! i will jump in on the inspiration wagon. i have so much my head is about to blow. my to do list could never be boring! congrats and thanks for the chance.
krommama 7 years ago
wooo eeee! what a great giveaway!
thank you for this group that is full of wonderful inspiration
and thank you for the opportunity to win a fabulous prize!
CampFollowerBagLady 7 years ago
WOW! What a stunning bunch of prizes! Such a generous lot we have here. Thanks for getting this group going way back when, Rossie! 2000 members is an amazing thing!
BrianaArlene 7 years ago
Wow, there is so much talent in this group - as evidenced by the many lovely giveaways! I have enjoyed being a part of it. Thank you, r0ssie for managing the whole thing.
Quilting Barbie PRO 7 years ago
Wow, congratulations on 2000 members. And what a wonderful giveaway. I LOVE this group! Thank you.
bearmansfield 7 years ago
What a great giveaway - and a great group! So nice to be able to check-in every day and get a new crop of incredible, modern quilts. Thanks, R0ssie!
mepustejovsky 7 years ago
Wow. I love the prizes--all of them. Thanks for organizing a great group and a great giveaway!
j_q_adams 7 years ago
O. M. G. I am seriously feeling faint. SO MUCH GOODNESS all in one giveaway. Thanks so much for leading this group of amazingly talented quilters. It's a true inspiration each and every day.
twinfibers 7 years ago
What a fantastic giveaway! Yippie!
dodgebutterfly 7 years ago
This is awesome! I am so excited about the Modern Quilt Guild chapter in my area- it totally makes me lose sleep with excitement!
bananaphone / Robin PRO 7 years ago
thanks so much for this great giveaway! i'm very inspired by the quilts posted in this group!
yorkpeppermintpatty 7 years ago
This IS and awesome giveaway for an awesome flickr group! It's my favorite group to come to for inspiration!
quiltedoma PRO 7 years ago
Fáilte! What an extraordinary and generous giveaway! Congratulations for reaching 2000 members.
oldredbarnco 7 years ago
Freakin' fantastic!
friedazzzzz PRO 7 years ago
Guten tag These are some really awesome prizes. It will be hard to choose just one!!!!!!!
PatchworkDuck PRO 7 years ago
Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!
digs&bean 7 years ago
Wowza! This flickr group community is my favorite: what a supportive, inspiring, and active bunch! Thanks for putting this all together, Rossie. What a prize list!
angefasu PRO 7 years ago
Yay! Congrats to 2000 members! Such a great group of inspiring crafters!
Always Sewing 7 years ago
Wow 2000 members that is awesome! And what a fabulous give away! Thank you!
sleighd 7 years ago
Oh my, what a fantastic way to celebrate! I've definitely drawn a LOT of inspiration from this group.
Erin - TwoMoreSeconds 7 years ago
Congrats on such an awesome group!
SaraSQuilts [deleted] 7 years ago
Wow, amazing!
Cindy_FL PRO 7 years ago
Congrats on 2000 members! Those are all great prizes you're giving away!
mandalinn 7 years ago
Woohoo, what a great thing to celebrate! This group is one of my faves & I am glad to be a part of it!
lizziwhizz PRO 7 years ago
Excellent giveaways! I want to do more than say Hey, I want to share something that I think is hilarious. Not long ago I dreamed (I dream very vividly and always remember my dreams) that I was possessed by an evil quilt. I had a cut on my arm and when I wrapped the quilt around me it snaked a thread from its evil self into my cut, thereby possessing me!! The two hot young gentlemen from the TV show Supernatural stopped by to see if they could help. They could. Also the tall one fell in love with me but that's a whole different part of the dream.
Anyway thanks for the chance at the giveaways; this group is such a source of inspiration and I love visiting daily!
Taya@TypeB 7 years ago
Anyong! That means hello in Korean (also makes me think of the show Arrested Development).

What a great group - thanks to Cherry House quilts for tweeting me in the right direction.

Amazing giveaway - congrats on what must be 2000+++ members now!
artistdoris 7 years ago
I love the inspiration I get from this group!!! LOVE IT! These giveaways prizes look like some real gems, could I be so lucky? Congrats on 2000, that's huge!
hollybroadland PRO 7 years ago
What a great giveaway! Congrats on reaching 2000 members!
filminthefridge 7 years ago
Wow, over 2000 members! This is certainly one of my favorite Flickr groups and I'm so happy to be a part of it! A big thanks to you, Rossie, for starting and maintaining this fabulous group and for all your hard work in putting together such a great giveaway!
Wow R0ssie! Such an awesome giveaway! Congrats!
hanies 7 years ago
Congratulations Rossie! Such an amazing group! Here's to the next 1000!
janssendesigns 7 years ago
Congrats on 2000+ members Rossie! This is a fantastic group for quilting and fabric inspiration! Thanks!
Krousegirl2 7 years ago
Congratulations on over 2000 members and thank you for a chance at the giveaways, so much inspiration in this group!!
tquilasunris06 7 years ago
Whoa! look at all that! This group has been super inspirational for me!
Luv2Kreate 7 years ago
This is one great give away...and 2000 members that is WONDEFUL!
Jackie'sQuilting 7 years ago
Congrats on 2000! I love looking at all the quilts here.
Joan H. Callaway 7 years ago
Hurray for 2000 members and still growing! And hurray for the fabulous giveaway!
mpfox223 7 years ago
Congrats to all of us for feeding this group! And thanks to for organizing such a great giveaway!
::Christine:: 7 years ago
I've literally just joined - so you now have 2034 members! Amazing giveaway. I'm in the middle of making my first ever quilt so will share the results when (if?!) I finish it.
EschHouseQuilts PRO 7 years ago
Congratulations on 2000 members! Fresh Modern Quilts is the first Flickr group I check every day . It has provided so much inspiration and encouragement to me. Thanks, Rossie. We appreciate all the work you put into making such an awesome group!
Kristy @107 Quilts 7 years ago
Dudes, those prizes are fantastic!! this group has such an amazing number of talented quilters and it's great to see our ranks keep growing! Yea to us all!
Whoa, love to see the group growing, and those are some fantastic prizes.
Wow, what fantastic prizes!

Congrats on making 2000 members, that's awesome! :)
I Plead Quilty 7 years ago
Please, please, please let me be one of the lucky winners. I loveALL the prizes!
lacerslife 7 years ago
Wow, what a beautiful group (came here from a link Lucie Summers tweeted), I love quilts but I'm not keen on traditional designs, so this group is brilliant!
sewiwasthinking 7 years ago
What a wonderful giveaway. I would love to win any of the prizes. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
ashmom 7 years ago
Oh wow!
c_arkison 7 years ago
Congratulations! It is really is a lovely group of people. And that seaglass blend? You had me at the name.
Sue Asbury 7 years ago
Loving this giveaway.
emskyrooney PRO 7 years ago
Wow! I don't know how I'd even choose if I were to win one of the prizes- they're all so fabulous! Thanks for this Flickr group- I haven't shared anything yet but find it sooo inspiring!!!
One ShaBby ChiCk 7 years ago
Yeah - I'm in - this is such a fantastic group Rossie - you work so hard on it too - you should be allowed to enter :-)
piaggio53 [deleted] 7 years ago
Absolutely stupendous group for which I am very grateful !
Little Bluebell PRO 7 years ago
The more the merrier I say! :) Congratulations and thank you r0ssie!! I love being part of this group!!! My head is spinning with all the possibilities and generosity of this giveaway.

Quilters are awesome.
r0ssie is awesome.
This group is awesome.
The sponsors are awesome.

LittleOliveBranch 7 years ago
OMG. This is unbelievable!!!! Thanks for organizing this. Fingers (and toes!) crossed in hopes I win something! :)
LULUBLOOM :: lucia 7 years ago
Wow, what an amazing set of prizes! Love that this group has grown. Yea!
I love this group so inspiring!
knitterleigh 7 years ago
I love looking at all of the quits in this group and getting inspiration. I am slowly starting to become comfortable with more improvisational quilting and piecing techniques based on the fantastic quilts that I see here.

All of the fabric prizes are fantastic!! We don't have a good quilt shop near here so I would love to experience some of these fabrics.
FeistyEily PRO 7 years ago
Wow, 2000! This is one of my favorite groups on Flickr...I love that the photos are moderated so there aren't any "strange" ones in the photo stream, and that the stream is so full of great quilts, people, and inspiration! Thanks, r0ssie, for a great group. :)
:: Nova 7 years ago
Wow! Congratulations on the big 2000! I love this group so much:) Big thank you for all your ongoing work on keeping this wonderful space alive.
KatieMade 7 years ago
I love this flickr group. I have an almost finished quilt that i can't wait to add when it is completed!
theknicksofknacks 7 years ago
YAY FOR 2000! You were brilliant starting this group!
Kwilter121 7 years ago
Hey!! What a wonderful group of creative people!!! Love it!!
Kate Conklin Designs 7 years ago
Thanks so much Rossie for all your hard work in putting this fabulous giveaway together. So much eye candy in one place! This really is a wonderful group.
MimiPark 7 years ago
WowWowWow! Congrats on 2000 members and thanks for putting together a beyond awesome giveaway. Great way to celebrate this great group!
createdbychancy PRO 7 years ago
This amazing! Count me in and congrats on such a huge milestone.
SewKnitGrow PRO 7 years ago
This is totally awesome - Thanks so much for putting this together, and congrats on 2000 members - what a fantastic network!
Laurel H. 7 years ago
Count me in! What a fabulous giveaway!

Laurel H.
WOW Awesome give away. Congrats again - 2000 is HUGE! :)
wow! what a great giveaway! And thanks for doing this flickr group. I get so many ideas and inspiration from all the photos posted and all the people!
mamacjt PRO 7 years ago
Seems like yesterday that you were celebrating 1000 and now 2000? Wow! Congratulations!!!
Alatariel Leralonde PRO 7 years ago
What an amazing giveaway!! thanks so much :) I just love browsing through this group!
c. jaeger 7 years ago
What a nice post to read after a hard day of work! Yes, please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks for organizing this flickr group. It's the one I check daily and the one in which I always find inspiration!
aviva_hadas (Amy) PRO 7 years ago
Wow - this sounds like a great give away, my fingers are crossed! Thanks for getting this together & for a great inspiring group!
annamichellequilts 7 years ago
peonybliss 7 years ago
This is so awesome! Thanks to all the sponsors for donating the goods and I really hope that I win something! I love coming to Fresh Modern Quilts for inspiration. Thanks to everyone!!
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