Latifah Saafir Studios 12:37am, 14 August 2009
Hello! A few of us are thinking about starting a Modern Quilt Guild in the Los Angeles Area and I was wondering if any of you are in or around Los Angeles - let me know and let me know if you would be interested in being a part of something like that.
calamityla PRO 6 years ago
Hi Isaafir - I make quilts and live in West LA, and would be interested in hearing more about this. Thanks!
Jacquie G PRO 6 years ago
maybe i should move to la....i'd sure love that!
mpfox223 6 years ago
I live in the South Bay, definitely interested!
MichelleSews 6 years ago
I live in the South Bay, too, and would also definitely be interested!
alissahcarlton PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by alissahcarlton (member) 6 years ago
Oh you know I'm IN! Oh and YES Jacquie - you SHOULD move to LA! The sun always shines and we're gonna have a modern quilt guild here!! Join us!
alissahcarlton PRO 6 years ago
P.S. I'm going to blog about this and see if there are other takers!
Whoooohoooooo! I'm excited!
skovy 6 years ago
oh man, why does it seem everything comes together after I've left. I was living in LA 3 years ago! ugh.
myfavoriteplace 6 years ago
What a great idea... I'm so excited! Sign me up!
30andquilting 6 years ago
I'm in Pasadena....I am sooo in!
skoG_knits 6 years ago
i would also be interested
mamamary2 6 years ago
I am in San Diego. I wish I were a bit closer ; ( would love to be able to join in.
Hello all! So we just set up a ning site for the group and we're working on planning our first meeting (hopefully for sometime in September)! I just sent invitations to everyone who's email we have. If Alissa or I don't have your email address send me a message on flickr and I'll contact you back.

I'm really excited about this - can't wait to connect with each of you!
Crazy Knitter PRO 6 years ago
I would love to be a part of a Modern Quilt Guild. Can you provide me with some information? You may contact me via Thank you.
Crazy Knitter, I just sent you an invite to the guild page and an email on Flickr. Let me know if you have questions!
seventeenandem 6 years ago
Oh! SIGN ME UP! I commented on Alissa's blog about this, but I have not received any info or invite. I am in the SVC, Northern LA County. This is going to be GREAT!
alissahcarlton PRO 6 years ago
Oh shoot I think that everyone who commented was on the spreadsheet I got to Latifah but I'll go back and find your e-mail and send you an invite now!
superstahr001 6 years ago

I'm in Pasadena and I'd be interested to hear when/where you are meeting and all that as well.

Hello superstahr01. It looks like our first meeting will be in Silverlake in October but, we're trying to find a more central location as we are spread out all over the Southland! With that being said, send me a flickrmail with your email address in it and I'll invite you to join our ning group. It's a site we've set up just for the Guild.
For anyone that hasn't signed up yet - we have our first meeting set finally. It's on the 12th of October. Be sure to send me an email if your interested in a "Modern" Quilt Guild and you live in the LA area!
Live, Laugh, Sew 6 years ago
I might be interested, but I'm in OC. Guess I missed te first meeting!
Sure - if you're interested, just sign up at Our next meeting is on the 9th of November and future meetings will be posted on the site.. The first meeting was lots of fun! Hope we can meet you soon.
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