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crochet nut 1:18am, 17 September 2009
This is my first time "blogging".

I am an advanced crocheter but have very little experience in making dolls. I want to give it a whirl. However, my embroidery skills are poor. I made the free spirit amigurumi doll but the face is troublesome.
How do I get those eyes looking as adorable as yours? I'm not sure how to make the brows and exactly where to place it all(eyes, nose, mouth) before I make the wig.
biscuitbear 8 years ago
Here are my 2 cents. I'm not a great embroiderer and I find embroidering on a crocheted face particularly troublesome. I make the wig cap first and attach some hair to it, I place it on the head without sewing it on so that I have an idea where the hairline and bangs if any will be. I cut out eye, nose and mouth templates in colored felt and play around with them until I have found a placement which satisfies me. I trace the eyes and mark the nose and mouth placement with a disappearing ink pen. Then I embroider them. For the nose and mouth I use Beth's method in her tutorial. For the eyes I first make the outline in outline stitch or stem stitch, then the eyelashes. I fill in the irises with satin stitch and finish with a white knot to make a highlight. For the next dolls, I count rows from the neck and stitches from the center of the face to replicate the same placement.
toureasy47201 8 years ago
Hi crochet nut,

Helene's advice is excellent. I found I had to make a couple of heads and try out placement before I got the eyes, ears, and nose just where I wanted them. Once I did this, I counted rows just as Helene suggests so that the next dolls will have their faces placed just where I want them.

I like using the craft animal eyes with crochet eyewhites, since my embroidery skills on crochet are not great, and it took several tries to finally get an embroidered mouth that I like. Check out the Free Spirit dollmaking tutorials for how I embroider the mouth. This isn't the only way, but it is a way.

Sorry it took so long to answer your question...I only just realized that someone had posted a topic :-)

crochet nut 7 years ago
I forgot about this. I'm just not accustomed to doing blogs and such. So, a late but very grateful thank you to you both.
mammasan Posted 7 years ago. Edited by mammasan (member) 7 years ago
I painted the pupils and highlights into the centre of two hole small buttons once I had them sew onto the face, let it dry and painted a mouth. I have arthritis so I don't sew too much.
toureasy47201 7 years ago
Looks like it worked really well, mammasan :-) Thank-you for sharing another neat way to do faces on crochet.

mammasan 7 years ago
Thanks Beth. The latest doll I finished I painted the eyes directly onto the face. You have to go slow and easy or you'll wreck your crocheted head.
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