nicotiana 10:49pm, 30 October 2010
A `must watch` documentary.

What in the world are they spraying? 1-7

All 7 parts are up on YouTube.

Just gotta love those cowardly U.S. congressmen (shown in Part 7) who scurried away like rats when confronted by the documentary film team. They made it more than obvious they know something about this programme but werent about to answer any awkward questions.
Whats up with those guys, do they not realise that the potential DANGERS from GEO-ENGINEERING the climate stands likely to KILL their kids too?
Mark Sardella PRO 7 years ago
I didn't see any congressmen in Part 7 "scurrying away like rats." What I saw was some people walking calmly down a hallway conversing with a film crew and asking the activists to provide them with the information. The film crew thanked them and the "congressmen" continued on their way. No "scurrying."

If I were a public official, I wouldn't have given those conspiracy kooks - excuse me -"documentary film team" - two seconds of my time.
Snake Oil Magazine 7 years ago
If there is a New World Order why don't they kill the person who "exposed" their evils? If they control the world why would they let someone make a film about them?
HermanVonPetri [deleted] 7 years ago
Jet exhaust + water vapor = condensation.

Other words for this phenomenon include: fog, clouds, steam, contrails, etc...

You might as well be wondering what comes spilling out of your freezer when you open it up on a warm day.
Outrageous2010 7 years ago
Sometimes, if the drain leaks, poop and pee can be emitted . . . . Falls as "Yellow Ice" . . . .
WeARELegionWeAreAnonymous [deleted] 6 years ago
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Welcome to the Wall Street Casino!

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So in other words the terrorists have found a new way to take over a country...Financially!
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