ikarl67 1:58am, 9 April 2008
OK Frederick Flickrers, Video is Now available; however, Is this group appropriate an appropriate place for vids?
Should we have a Flicks of Frederick Group ?
I am not going to allow Video until we get some feedback here in the discussions.

I will make the rule , yea or nay, on 1 May.
mdmarkus66 9 years ago
I wouldn't be contributing video, but i'm not opposed to it. Some groups (eg. Churches, Landscape Digital Originals), i think would be a very bad match, but short clips of a location can give a sense of the geography.
louhamilton23 PRO 9 years ago
Personally, I'm not really for the mix of videos on Flickr. I'm not sure what Yahoo is doing. If they want to compete against Google, they should stand up a separate video site. Google has Picasa for photos and YouTube for video.

Just my two cents. But then again, I don't even own a video camera.
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