b_marchese 12:22pm, 18 August 2005
I've just posted a photo I took of Fallingwater from that spot downstream with the classic view. Mine was taken in March 2005. I wonder if we could find one from each month from the same spot? It looks like there are about 5 others in the pool already so we may be almost half way there.

Bob M
adolfo_isassi PRO 12 years ago
Just posted this one:

We could create a special tag to group them?
Haikiba PRO 12 years ago
From October 2006

Shes_History 12 years ago
Frank Llyod Wright's Falling Water

From May 2005
Radu Cuciulan 12 years ago
man vs. nature
September 2006
bikertect PRO 11 years ago
marklarmuseau PRO 11 years ago
this one was taken on July 20, 2005.

Charmaine84 11 years ago
If you go to www.peterbeers.net he has a this viewpoint in January. He also has a lot of other FLW houses, which I've found a useful resource. He has a lot of the not-so -well-know houses too.

But to save you the trouble of navigating through the pages... here's the link to the fallingwater page, if that the only thing you want to see. www.peterbeers.net/interests/flw_rt/Pennsylvania/Falling_...
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