balaclava9 PRO 7:38pm, 13 August 2005
i did some photoshopping on my guggenheim photo to bring out detail in darker shadows. it looks like (possibly) some other photos in the pool might benefit from some of that. but now that i've looked at my original again i'm not sure any more. the shadow under the overhang doesn't seem so strong now. do you think the lightened version is an improvement?

here's the original:
Frank Lloyd Wright's

here's the edited version:
Frank Lloyd Wright's
what steps did you take to change this photo?

it certainly looks as though the entance has more detail in the modified pic. you can also use the history brush to revert the rest of the photo back to the original stage if your intention was to only change part of the photo.
i made a layer from the RAW file probably a little lighter then the one here marked "orginal" i made a 2nd layer from the RAW file with the exposure increased. i masked that layer and then used the brush on the mask to reveal just the areas that needed more detail and to be a little lighter as i remembered it. last a made a levels adjustment layer and i probably made it more blue (less yellow) less green (more magenta) less red (more cyan) i don't remember exactly. then on this adjustment layer i masked it all out and only painted in the adjustment where it was needed to even the colors. under the word collection, on the sidewalk, and on that ceiling. looking at at now a few days later i have yet another reaction. i may darken the base layer so that the patterns above the "the" come out a little stronger.
sljz_70 13 years ago
Well its all personal preference. The edited version has flattened the picture, and removed the depth. I would have gone the other way. Highlight the contrast, maybe take the ceiling to black so all you see are the spots, and heighten the sunlight on the column and door. It all depends on what you are trying to say with your picture.
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