Group Rules?

Le Kizz 12:12am, 28 December 2010
Tactus68 has asked me to make sure my photo meets Rule 4 of 'France landscapes' dans un délai de 24 heures.

But where can I find the group rules ...and which one is Rule 4?
pierlev 8 years ago
You must've forgotten to tag " Francelandscapes"...I found the new rules scrolling down the discussions on the left of this page)
Tactus21 PRO 8 years ago
On the France Landscapes front page, look at the right side, under Additional informations, you would find out a group rules link.

The rules are numbered, so it would drive you to the right rule about tagging every post, even waiting for approval in the moderation queue.
adrianfoden PRO 8 years ago
"As a result in no respecting the France Landscapes group's 6th rule, we have no choice but to erase your photo.
Please, note that any repeated disregard about our rules may lead the admin to erase your photos in the pool, and if you are dismissing any rule once more, you will be banned from France Landscapes group."


It's not easy to find the rules. Post a link to where they are or re-post in the discussions in response to people who similarly CANT FIND THEM
Tactus21 PRO 8 years ago
Here is a link to group rules:
Groups Beta