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Want to say "hello", tell us what interests you?
This is the official thread for introducing yourself to the group!

Please keep it short and sweet, and feel free to include one representative photo

(Small size, please!)
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dthomasd 3 years ago
Hey, thanks for the invite! From Vancouver, Washington, got a Nikon D3100 about a year ago. Learning constantly and loving it.
oleksandra_ol 3 years ago
Hi everybody
! I'm from Ukraine .
Thanks for invitation !

Summer. Dnieper
MarkNorthcott PRO 3 years ago
I'm from Newcastle,Australia
Currently shooting with the Canon 5D mk III after upgrading from the Canon 7D.
Thanks for the invite please flick through my images and leave comments I'm looking for any feedback :)

Newcastle Harbour - Nobbys Lighthouse-Resize by MarkNorthcott

cangués 3 years ago
Hola a todos. Gracias por la invitación, espero que os gusten mis fotos.

Hi all. Thanks for the invitation, I hope you like my photos.
Phototropy Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Phototropy (member) 3 years ago
Hello everybody,
Thanks for the invite!
I'm from London, UK and shooting with a Canon 600D.
Have a look through a tile of my stuff.
Weakvoices PRO 3 years ago
Hi, thanks for the invitation...... I've started shooting again after a gap of nearly 30 years. I have always liked to try to see pictures, being able to hear a weak voice among all the weak voices that are everywhere...... Sincerely, Johan

waiting for the summer part 3
Azzappa PRO 3 years ago
Hi everybody im from the UK, shooting with a D700.
Thanks for the invite
check out my other images and feedback would be great thanks : )
Sofian B. 3 years ago
Thank you for your invitation.

I'm Sofian from Frankfurt in Germany. Photography is a passion I found in 2009. My favourite topics are animals (wildlife as well as in zoos) and travel photography.

Feel free to visit my stream and add me as a contact.

karokife 3 years ago
hello:) Karolina from Poland
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX8
and this is me ;) www.flickr.com/photos/karokife/6955617038/

feel free to visit page and add as a contact
have a nice day !
Cédric Darrigrand PRO 3 years ago
Hi everybody! My name is Kreatox, i'm a french graphic designer based in Bayonne! Thanks for th invitation :)
Hofmeister Willi PRO 3 years ago
Hey, thanks for the invite!!
Have a nice day! :-)
Yael P 3 years ago
Hi, thanks for the invite.

I'm an amateur photographer from France. Favourites topics are concert and portrait photography.

G8lite PRO 3 years ago
Hi flickrites!!.........thanks for the invitation!!

I'm from Liverpool, UK. and use Nikon, Fuji and Pentax DSLR's, I like to take people pictures a lot, but will tackle anything that grabs my attention!!

The Jump

Have fun everyone,

Ray ;)
Charlotte90T PRO 3 years ago
Hi all! I'm Charlotte from Malaysia. I'm not an advanced user as my photos are shot with my mobile device but I do plan to take my skills to the next level by learning how to use a DSLR. Feel free to drop by and give some constructive advice! =D

the cyclist
snaits Posted 3 years ago. Edited by snaits (member) 3 years ago
Hi All,
I'm Stian from Norway. I have a Canon 40D that I try to use whenever I have time. I'm especially interested in macro but it's hard work, still learning a lot!

Thanks for the invite, will be sure to check out the pool. Have fun flickring!

Blurry Yellow Taxi by snaits
BeaKurs ♥ 3 years ago
Hola a todos!!
Soy Bea de Zaragoza (España)

Es un placer estar aquí, y espero aprender mucho con y de vosotros ;)

Just me
geometricsprocket PRO 3 years ago
Hi all,
Im Pete from Perth Australia. I shoot with a Canon 60D and love getting close to my subject.
M Car 3 years ago
Mel here.

I shoot with a Canon 60D as well and love taking my camera just about everywhere I go.

Thanks for the invite!
thementalmorfose 3 years ago
Hey! I'm from Brazil... I love music ( Coldplay and others), photography and photoshop.
My last creation...
Chris colorful by thementalmorfose
Davide C-2.0 (stay cyborg) Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Davide C-2.0 (stay cyborg) (member) 3 years ago
Hi, name's Davide, from somewhere in Sicily, Italy... Just got an invitation to this group, probably to lower the quality from what I've seen here :-)
Anyway this is my half decent self portrait!!!
self portrait by Davide C-2.0 (stay cyborg)

PS I shoot with a D5000, a NEX-3 and every once in a while with the mobile...
Tropic~7 PRO 3 years ago
Hello, I'm Stuart from Bradenton, Florida USA
I enjoy taking photos of all things Tropical. I enjoy my Koi and growing all kinds of plants.
My camera is a Canon EOS 20D and I'm hoping to upgrade soon to the Canon's EOS 5D Mark III
Thanks, for the Invite!
raymondtan85 PRO 3 years ago
Hi, I'm Raymond from Malaysia. Thanks for the invitation. I own a D80 with couple of lens.
akurashashin PRO 3 years ago
Hi, I am Anne from Finland, currently living in Japan. Started photography less than a year ago with Canon Kiss X4. Love shooting nature, especially macros. Wish to learn other things as well.
Thanks for the invite.
like a ballerina
MarioMancuso PRO 3 years ago
Hi, tanks for invitation.
I' love street photo in b&w and still life street, I live in Naples Italy. The photo isn't my work bat is my passion.

healingmoments PRO 3 years ago
Hi, I am Zena.

I started to take photos on regular basis less than a year ago. I love to photograph everyday objects a nature. I am developing a 365 project.

Thanks for the invite!
Migas Joon 3 years ago
Hi, thanks for the invitation, recently took up photographing. got a EOS 7D with 15-85mm kit lens. Learning as I goes, do comment and feedback ;)

Peace out.
lisag636 PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by lisag636 (member) 3 years ago
Hi! My name's Lisa. Love photography, obviously. I think I like to photograph everyday objects/scenes in a way that means they are taken from their ordinary context so that people momentarily stop to take the time to look at rather than glancing over. Thanking muchly for the invite :)

145318822153 by lisag636
CPF Photography PRO 3 years ago
Thank you for the invite. I am Chris from the UK, currently using a Canon 1000d with a sigma 18-250mm lens & Canon 50mm prime, although looking to upgrade to a 60d as soon as I can. Been shooting for about a year now, I like to think I have improved but still sooooo much to learn
imakimou PRO 3 years ago
Hi all. Thanks for the invite.
I live in Holland and enjoy showing off my artwork on Flickr.
I joined in June last year and I am still feeling my way here.
My work is mostly digital art but I like to fuse it with photographs which i
I take with a point and shoot Sony cybershot, a little Olympus or my iPhone.
Just for fun an animation pops up. Ill load up another one. Nice to be here, all your images look great.
Kindest regards
koalabear007 PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite. Photography is a passion, and am continually trying to do better with that, to learn more. I look forward to seeing the wonderful things people do here.
Victor Muruet PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Victor Muruet (member) 3 years ago
thanks for the invite. I am Victor, from Mexico city but now in Sydney. Loved phootography since I can remember and now is my passion.I am using a Sony alpha 77. I want to get better at it. Feel free to drop a visit through my photostream.I always pay a visit back
Arte en el Paseo de la Reforma, Cd. de México
guss26 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by guss26 (member) 3 years ago
Hi thanks for the invite,i'm Richard,from England.I use a Nikon D3100 with several ND filter,grads etc.
Hi, thanks for the invite. My name is Julie and i'm originally from Philippines but currently living in Germany with my husband. I am using Canon 450d for more than 2 years now. I usually shoot almost everything. Still in the middle of learning. :)
Can you see me now?!
Joshwasere89 3 years ago
Thanks Heaps for the invite!
I'm Josh from Ulladulla NSW Australia and how good is it that we can capture light and all its reflections and refractions!
spaceabstract PRO 3 years ago
Hey guys, just a high schooler here very passionate in the photographic field. Desperately trying to get known on Flickr. I use a 5D Mark II and have 2 L lenses, thanks to my father. Check it out?

The Bass Department [Explored 4/4] by spaceabstract
57rroberts 3 years ago
Hello, Thanks for the invitation. I shoot with a Nikon D7000 with a number of different lenses. I shoot mostly outdoors because that is where I like to be. I'm from York, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and do numerous road trips along the eastern portion of the United States. This is a sample taken at the Biltmore in Asheville North Carolina.Many Faces of the Biltmore (Explored 4/5/12 #367)
JeffGamble PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invitation. I live just outside of Washington DC, and I'd say my photos on snapshots with hopefully a touch of creativity thrown in. I shoot primarily with a Nikon D300, and I'd say my Tokina 100mm macro is my favorite lens.

44/365 - Happy Valentine's Day! by JeffGamble
Michael Kirkham Photography [deleted] 3 years ago
Hey, thanks for the invite.

I'm from Liverpool, UK and I shoot with a Nikon D90. Lately I'm getting more into using my iPhone and have so far taken some pretty cool images with it!
Find me on facebook.com/michaelkirkhamphotography

Traffic Trails
LED Eddie PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite.

UK based Nikon shooting light artist. Voted best light painting image of 2011

Astral Temple - Space IS deep ! Voted best lightpainting picture of 2011.
EDU S.G. 3 years ago
Hola a todos !!!
Soy Eduardo y dsifruto con mi NIkon d3100... Gracias por hacerme conocer este grupo.
Un saludo.
thank you for the invite
hi am paul i use a d 90 and like all kind of photography
widnes side
Mal Urwin PRO 3 years ago
Hello all

I'm Mal from Newcastle UK
got my DSLR July 2010 and fell in love with photography , i don't restrict myself to any style , i will shoot every thing and every thing.
Millennium Bridge & Sage Gateshead
HolleyandChris 3 years ago
Hello, thanks for the add! Just introducing us to the group, Names are Holley and Chris and we are a couple that have recently been getting into Photography. We use A Nikon L120 and also use some film cameras including a pentax k1000, ME Super and an Olymus OM-1.

eveazure PRO 3 years ago
Hi, thanks for the invite! I'm from Russia? but now live in Sydney, Australia. I shoot with a Sony a300.
origamidon PRO 3 years ago
• Don, here, in Vermont USA (near the Canadian border).
Thanks for the invite. I take a lot of architecture shots,

few as whimsical as this: – • – simpsons • shadow
LongInt57 PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by LongInt57 (member) 3 years ago
Hi, all.

I am Canadian and live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in Canada's province of B.C. I shoot a variety of subjects but here's a fairly recent one:
Spring Cleaning 1

snap happy highlander PRO 3 years ago
Hi all, I'm from Scotland and I shoot a canon 500D.
Thanks for the invite :)
micaelacontini 3 years ago
Hi, i'm Micaela from Italy....I love taking pictures, both digital and analog...I like landscapes, portraits and above all the details, like the handle of a door or a clip in hair..I shoot with a Nikon D70s, a Nikon Coolpix P50, Diana F+, Polaroid 500 and my Iphone3Gs.. ^_^
Hey u all! I'm Barbara... I'm a brazilian living in Japan, and sometimes in my homeland for vacation. Photos and various perspectives of so many different people take my attention completely and I often spend more time than I should appreciating your photos, guys! It has woken up the photographer inside lol Thanks for entertaining me so much!
Liesl Marelli 3 years ago
My name is liesl. My photography & writing business is called Girona Consulting (www.GironaConsultingINC.us). I am a South Florida resident and looooooooooooooooooove Nikon.

on facebook --> www.facebook.com/GironaConsulting
Liquids-in-Motion PRO 3 years ago
Hello, Jim Kramer here. My latest addiction has been water drop photography. Current camera is a Canon 5D MkII.

Red & White, High & Tight #0648
Patron Miller Photography Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Patron Miller Photography (member) 3 years ago
My name is Patron Miller from NC in the USA. Like most photographers, I always carry my Nikon D7000 with me everywhere I go, even on my kayak.

Ray Skwire PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I'm Ray, 33 from Philadelphia. I'm essentially self-taught with guidance early on from some photog buddies of mine.

I shoot with a Nikon D60 and an assortment of lenses. My biggest interest is weather photography, though living on the East Coast doesn't afford me too many opportunities for extreme weather, and so I get by with summertime storms until I can manage a trip out west to do some actual storm chasing.

Bad A$$
Heize 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite!

I'm 29 year old photog from Finland, I did study movie lighting in Tampere Polytechnic, but eventually stills turned out to be my passion.

I'm self-taught everything. I write for major finnish magazines about game- and entertainment industry (reviews, interviews and whatnot), and do some occasional video for them too.

I love doing wedding and landscape work. Check out my stream if you wish. My main work is not however here, since I use Flickr mainly as an outlet. Prolly should upgrade to pro to be able to upload everything else here too.
Jean-Marc Valladier 3 years ago
Merci pour cette invitation. Quelques mots de présentation.
Je suis de Marseille, France, utilisant un Canon EOS 50d avec divers objectifs anciens ou récents, pratiquant souvent l'Iphoneographie, avec pour but de retranscrire une émotion, une empathie, une immersion dans un univers de perceptions modifiées, d'amener l’autre à s’interroger, à transcender le réel, à s’embarquer vers des rivages décalés, à la découverte de ses propres interprétations.
Flickr est un champ d'expérience et de rencontres infini...
Que cette aventure dure encore longtemps!


Fool to cry.
stuartpaterson 3 years ago
Thank you for the invite.
mccullin4 PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I use a canon 50D normally with no lens attached. Fascinated by refraction patterns to an obessesional degree
Tony_Brasier PRO 3 years ago
Hi i come from Faversham in Kent I am new to photography and very much enjoy it so If you view my photos, please leave a comment, good or bad. That's the only way I will learn! I am using a Nikon D5100 and a Fuji-film Fine Pix
stu's little brother 3 years ago
Greetings from Wemyss Bay ,Scotland. Thanks for the invite.
djshoo 3 years ago
Hi all & thanks for the invite. I'm Damian from Nottingham,England. I'm shooting with a Nikon D90 which I have had since last November & loving it,so much to learn.
Life Begins at 40 3 years ago
Hello from southeast Alabama. I'm looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes. Thank you for the invitation!
Kara Davis 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite! I am Kara, from Central Florida....
Gallery Three [deleted] 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite from eastern PA
hessamt PRO 3 years ago
Hi Everyone, I'm Sam Hess from eastern Maine in the USA. Thanks for the invitation! I am excited to be a part of this high quality group.
mookie.nyc PRO 3 years ago
Hi. I'm from Brooklyn, New York and shoot with a canon rebel t1i. I'm a street photographer. I quit smoking 63 days ago. I haven't had a cigarette in 63 days. It complements my courage as a street photographer. Always a little confrontational feeling and assertive, healthy and hungry to create and fearless in a smokeless world. Always looking around and observing. Playing with the art of invisibility. Always cutting through city-scapes and finding treasures of endangered peoples and ways.
gänseblödchen PRO 3 years ago
my name is Kerstin. I'm from Germany. I shoot with a coolpix p500 and dream of a DSLR.
NIce to be here, thanks for the invitation,
Saman. 3 years ago
Hi friends, I am from Prague, Czech republic, I am shooting with Nikon D7000 (replaced my old Fujifilm Finepix S100FS camera last year).
Thanks for the invitation, have a good light :)
Hola, Im Adam from Lancaster UK.
I love to shoot landscape and portraiture.
Im currently using a canon 5d mk2

A new beginning by Adam Ashton Photography
FeDe T. 3 years ago
Hello! I'm Federica and I'm from Italy. Thank you for the invite. I use a Nikon D60, and I'm only an amateur. I wish my shots will enjoy yourself! ;)
Sei felice?
Danial Photography 3 years ago
hi thx for invite
i'm danial from Malaysia
i'm still amateur
enjoy our picture :)
John Rizzitelli Photography PRO 3 years ago
Hi, I'm from Connecticut and thanks for the invite. I've been shooting steady for the past 5 years and use the Canon 5Dll. I love Black and White, shoot landscapes, sunsets and long exposures.
TonyGarcia2011 3 years ago
Thank you for your invitation.

My name is Tony Garcia, I’m a armature photographer from Bray, Ireland. My area of Interest is mostly landscape and products photography.


Mark_Deacon2 3 years ago
Hey, Mark from England shooting with a 5d mkii. Just acquired the amazing 85mm 1.2 and also use the 100mm 2.8 II and 24-105!

There Goes the Sun
Southernbelle71 3 years ago
Hi, I am Victoria, I am from the mountains of Western North Carolina. I use a Canon Powershot S95 and a Nikon D300. My passion is photography, looking forward to enjoying your images and sharing mine =) .
Tim Deschanel PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invitation.
I am a french explorer of dreams in the world of Second Life.

Hi! I am a photographer from Chile:D I shoot with a Canon 5D MarkII. I just opened my own studio so hopefully good things will come along!!
I am also an avid knitter/crocheter so you might see images of my knit-work every so often:)

Closer [Explore May 6th 2011]
Phil Benton Photos PRO 3 years ago
Hi all,
Thanks for the invite,I too have a Canon 5D MarkII which I am just starting to get the hang of,not had it 6 months!!
jyhem 3 years ago
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the invitation.
I am shooting with a Pentax K20D for 2 years.
I love macro photo, landscapes, wild animals, street photo (for these two last ones, I am a rookie !) mostly around french Alps.
All the best.
--soultrain-- 3 years ago
HI all,

thanks for the invitation. Shooting with a canon7d before that 450D.
I love street shots and the unusual - not really aiming to do "real life" but more my interpretation or the famous "the world through my eyes" shots.

i would consider me a rookie as well - always happy about positive and negative comments to learn/evolve.

I like to learn the rules, to break them :)

based in germany - southern part.

TAZ BRADLEY PRO 3 years ago
Live in a small village near Rochester , Kent,UK. I have been using SLR cameras since I was about 11yrs old and eventually progressed to the land of DSLR and now ,35 years later I have progressed to the Nikon D3s and I love it...
I really enjoy animal photography....
MARVelous Photos 3 years ago
Hey I'm from NewYork I shoot Nikon I love shooting portraits of people ...my dream job would be a magazine shooter of any kind ...currently I shoot with a d90
R Bennett Posted 3 years ago. Edited by R Bennett (member) 3 years ago
Hello all. Thank you for the invitation. I live in New Hampshire, USA. I recently returned to photography after a many year break. I use a Panasonic GF-1, fantastic camera. I enjoy creating many different styles of work. HDR and Light-Painting are two areas I really love and want to expand.
Thank you for looking,
kapilmerc PRO 3 years ago
Hi! Thanks for the invitation. I'm Kapil. Love photography. Indulge in it whenever I find time. Still learning. Like to see your wonderful photographs!
Andreas Lööf PRO 3 years ago
Hi, thanks for the invite!
I live in Malmö, Sweden and lately I´ve been shoting lots of long exposures but i like everything from macro to street, landscape and nightphotography. You could say that I have not found my nisch in photo just yet but I dont know if I i want to really. Here is one of my LE that´s also my most popular capture so far:
fading away (Explore frontpage)
Larry & Kathy 3 years ago
I live near Sapulpa, Oklahoma in the USA. I shoot digital and primarily use my Canon 50D. Flickr is my fun site so you may see everything from serious to simple snapshots in my photostream. I odd offer my more serious work at FineArtAmerica. Thank you for the invite and I hope to make positive contributions to this group.
sunr93 PRO 3 years ago
Tnx 4 your invite!
I'm from Italy and i hope to enjoy with my photos...
Tnx also 4 your comments!
Bye Bye
Tobias Campbell 3 years ago
I'm from Brooklyn New York, 15 years old, and shooting with a canon t31.
Thanks for the invitation

IMG_2195 by Tobias Campbell
Gondolin Girl 3 years ago
Hi, I'm Gemma, from Scotland. I shoot with a Canon 450d. I've been using it for 4 years, it's like my baby. :)

My photostream is pretty varied. I shoot anything from food to random stuff around my house.

My Canon
hirom1009 PRO 3 years ago
Hi, i'm Hiro from Japan.
Thank you for inviting me to your group. I'm mainly interested in the clouds and the sky, in addition to the wildflowers. If you have a chance to come to my photostream, it is very appreciated to leave your footprints; any comments would be welcome.
Thank you again for giving me such an opportunity to join your interesting group.
caritophotography 3 years ago
Hi flickrites,

My name is Caro, I'm from Germany but currently live in Hong Kong where I bought my Canon 600D. I'm experimenting with a lot of subjects and styles, but flowers are among my favorites. I'm hoping to find the time to learn Lightroom and Photoshop some time in the near future.

I do appreciate every fav and comment, so feel free to leave some traces and to help me to improve with constructive criticism.

peptic_ulcer PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invitation. My name is Jeff, and I live in the San Francisco bay area. I use mostly Canon camera bodies and lenses. I'm not a profesional photographer, just an enthusiastic amateur/hobbiest.
Jenho.Lee 3 years ago
Thanks for the invitation.My name is Jenho and I come from China where people are kind but the government sucks.I just like shooting and recording the moment that when I am old and I can still contain my youth and fresh experience.Love to catch up with the beautiful moment in my life.
milleniumxgirl 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite! I'm Allison from Long Island, New York, USA. I shoot with a canon t2i and a canon sx20is. Looking forward to seeing everyones shots! Thanks again!
DMFilmz II 3 years ago
Hello Everyone!
Dream (aka) "ME" says Hi from Miami :)

Riding "Today Was A Good Day"
BIRD•>• 3 years ago
Hey, Ross Chambers from Santa Cruz, California, USA. Not yet a professional photographer but hoping to be soon. Keep up the good work guys!
annickashyam1 PRO 3 years ago
Hey there...Shyam from Wellington, NZ. Love photography and moving towards documentary style and environmental portraiture. FOr my own pleasure, I literally shoot anything that looks remotely interesting - long exposure (night and day) as well as landscape. Using Nikon D7000 for the moment though slide film is what thrills me to bits. Thanks for the invite.
GnomeShowgirl Posted 3 years ago. Edited by GnomeShowgirl (member) 3 years ago
Thanks so much for the invite. I'm Eva from Vancouver, Canada. Just started photography last summer, and picked up a DSLR in February. Lots to learn so looking forward to comments and hints.
Celestine Photography Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Celestine Photography (member) 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite!
Im Ron from Denver, Colorado and Going to School At Georiga Tech. I wanted to be different and picked up the Sony Nex 5. Love it! Looking Foward to learning / comments!

Into The Light
Still_life88_second 3 years ago
Thanks so much for the invite too. Im from Iran, an electronics engineer.

The first thing that governs my work is life itself, and there's nothing higher than that for me. Im influenced by music or cinema in editing my photos, which I use Lightroom for that.

This is my older account that exceeded 200 photos.

Thanks so much for reading this shit.
matt_butt PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for the invite. My name is Matt and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I've been shooting with a Nikon D3000 for about 3 years, just trying to improve little by little.
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