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I've removed some discussion topics that were basically spam.


  • Zing and Platignum pens

    In the 1950's I remember having a couple of fountain pens called ZING. As far as...

    John Davison 19443 months ago0 replies

  • Pictures

    Whilst pictures drawn with a pen make a suitable background, the picture - witho...

    ♔ Georgie R26 months ago0 replies

  • What is a "Left Handed" fountain pen?

    I'm a leftie myself. Fountain pens and their nibs are symmetric (aren't they?) e...

    Bharath Kishore66 months ago10 replies

  • Vintage Fountain Pen & Ink Advertisements

    I just tried to post a couple of vintage ads to the group, and for the first tim...

    Mando Maniac68 months ago0 replies

  • sketches?

    Can someone please explain to me what these sketches and people standing in fron...

    stevepardey69 months ago7 replies

  • collecting fountainpens..

    Hello all! Thanks for a great group. I just found this place and the world of...

    Mika Lehtinen83 months ago3 replies

  • Does anyone use a syringe to refill ink?

    I've been in situations where I get a good colour ink cartridge, but doesn't fit...

    Bharath Kishore83 months ago10 replies

  • for sale >>>>

    very Special and unique pens for sale...... for more info please contact with m...

    eng.mohamed shaban85 months ago0 replies

  • Birmingham Pen Museum

    I was in Birmingham, England recently and, by chance, came across the Pen Museum...

    ♔ Georgie R104 months ago0 replies

  • Repair shops

    Anyone knows a repair shop in the SF Bay Area?? Thanks for the help!! horace

    Ah Hman111 months ago0 replies

  • good place to sell pens?

    I got a couple of montblanc pens as gifts one of them a ballpoint pen purchased ...

    skvidal112 months ago1 replies

  • Pen shops in Paris

    Can anyone recommend a good fountain pen shop in Paris?

    stevepardey115 months ago1 replies

  • Fountain Pen Repair

    Do any of you know of shops that repair broken pens? I've got some old ones tha...

    fancy twist116 months ago1 replies

  • Fountain Pen Care

    I was sitting there a minute ago playing around with all my fountain pens and be...

    Banbha NicUilleim117 months ago13 replies

  • Where can I get left handed Calligraphy pens?

    Preferably in India or with shipping options to India.

    Bharath Kishore119 months ago0 replies

  • Greetings

    New member to the group. I am collector of both vintage and modern fountain pens...

    tigerheron2010ages ago1 replies

  • Pen shops in Beijing for Chineese pens??

    Hallo! Going to Beijing in a few weeks time - anyone who knows of a good pens...

    laughable cardages ago0 replies

  • hello

    hi its about time i joined a pen flickr group as i have been collecting vintage ...

    mikepeckettimagesages ago1 replies

  • Where did the yellow color come from?

    I cleaned my pens yesterday and got a bit surprised, I didn't expect to see yell...

    motionless mealages ago6 replies

  • Issues with Cross Fountain Pen matt chrome finish

    Hi, about 3 years ago the matt chrome finish on my ATX Cross pen turned ugly (w...

    Marcus with a "c"ages ago0 replies

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