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Please check out the description & visit the appropriate links before posting pictures to this community.
This group is for documenting & sharing artwork that artists have made & then left out for other people to find.
This community is about adding to the unpredictable excitement of life & making the world a better place through artwork.
The artwork could be anything from a painting to a chalk sidewalk drawing, but it is something you've made.
Pictures that do not belong will be deleted.


  • And....we're back!

    I have recreated the Found Art website. If anyone is still out there, "Hello...h...

    AshleyShea83 months ago0 replies

  • First release

    Hi everyone. I just joined and did my first release today.It was very exciting. ...

    CharestStudios110 months ago1 replies

  • Have you found art?

    Has anyone here found art left by someone else? I haven't, though I live in a...

    ai momo110 months ago1 replies

  • What is Found Art?

    I would like to explain more about what Found Art means and how it works. The...

    rosa murillo116 months ago4 replies

  • Everyone busy posting art to be found?!

    What is going on in the world of found art? Is there a new topic for discussion...

    eclaire70ages ago6 replies

  • Did anyone see....

    the news about the artist who has left 300 little 'Jesus in a Manger' painted ro...

    eclaire70ages ago0 replies

  • Fortitude

    This will be our topic for next Tuesday's Found Art project, have fun with it!

    rosa murilloages ago0 replies

  • FORGOTTEN: Topic for next Tuesday August 5, 2008

    A few thoughts on this topic..... A dream that you forget after the first min...

    rosa murilloages ago0 replies

  • Topic for June 3, 2008: WALK

    This is something I wrote on my blog thinking about this topic:The topic for nex...

    rosa murilloages ago0 replies

  • CHARM- Topic for May 20 2008

    Next Tuesday's (or Wendnesday or Thursday) topic is CHARM. Keeping on with the t...

    rosa murilloages ago1 replies

  • Deadlines

    haha, there are no deadlines! This is fun, not work. This is just a reminder t...

    robayreages ago0 replies

  • LUCK - Topic for May 13 2008

    Hello to all the new members!! WOW! We are so happy to see all the new faces at ...

    rosa murilloages ago0 replies

  • leaving art to be found

    may i ask what details you leave with your art for the person to find to explain...

    tarotwisdomages ago2 replies

  • JOY- Theme for April 29

    Joy is not only a sentiment to wish people during the Christmas season. It shoul...

    rosa murilloages ago1 replies

  • Kindness - - Theme for April 22

    The theme for next tuesday is going to be kindness. Read more about here: rosam...

    robayreages ago0 replies

  • Featured!

    On April 1, 2008, The Found Art Project was featured on the website 52 Projects,...

    robayreages ago0 replies

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