*TreMichLan* 1:36pm, 25 February 2007
Jo Napot Kivanok,

I am contemplating house-sitting for a friend who has an apartment on Galya utca near the Danube while she is on sabbatical from CEU during the summer.

I have two questions.

1.I have a couple of master's degrees (eng lit and management) AND I was wondering what the chances were of obtaining short tdrm work in Budapest were during this period. Apart from a few swear words, I do not speak Hungarian :-) My accomodation is paid, I just need something to keep my mind active and the body replenished. all suggestions welcome.

2. Is there a regular Flickr group that meets in Budapest? I would be keen to join and meet new friends. If someone (or many) want to accompany me on my adventures around the city (and beyond) just let me know.


gdraskoy 11 years ago
You never know. Many Hungarians speak English.
I live in Vancouver
*TreMichLan* 11 years ago
what change an internship in a Hungarian Ministry?
hettie gm 11 years ago
well, I'm not sure. These things aren't as open as in the UK. Do do the housesittong tho if you can, BP is huge fun in the summer
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