Joechefyo 10:09pm, 23 January 2012
Hello my fellow citizens, my name is Joseph Vigil and I wanted to make you all aware of a beautiful event happening this Thursday Jan. 26th here in Fort Lauderdale. Join us in making a difference in the lives of children born with Facial deformities, we are accepting donations for Operation Smile's next mission to Nicaragua, where volunteer doctors will be performing free surgery to give these children the chance to be happy and proud of their smiles! For every $240 we put together 1 more child will have this great opportunity. it will change not only his life, but that of their family as well. I can only imagine what a mother would feel knowing her child will live a normal life.

It will be a night of full of fun, we will have raffles, drink specials and even a bikini fashion show! All for just $20, all the proceeds will go towards new smiles. Join us in Support of this great cause at
OFF THE HOOKA Restaurant and Lounge, 300 SW 1st Ave #103, Fort Lauderdale!

For more information about Operation Smile and how to donate directly please visit

Thank you all in advance!!! together we can make a HUGE difference
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