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Alright all you lomo fakers out there. This is your chance to really show your stuff. Pull out all your photoshop filters and actions and faux your best lomo shot, or pick your best lomo shot and post it to the pool for people to vote if it is fake or not. Fakers, do your best to fool us. Other flickr members are the judges. Judges should comment on the photos with either Lomo or Fauxmo and write a brief constructive description of why they voted (optional) and maybe some tips on how to improve it. After 10 votes please disclose if it is a fauxmo or a lomo. If it is fake, please explain how you did it, especially if you really fooled us! The best fauxmos will be featured in a special discussion thread for all to gaze upon.

As I just made this up please let me know if you have any suggestions or see any problems with this game/voting format.

Things to consider:
- Real LC-A owners should throw a few real lomos in there to throw off
- If you don't own an LC-A don't indicate that by telling us in the discussion. Also don't tag your photos with "fake lomo" or add it to fake lomo groups or anything that will reveal its authenticity before or during voting. You can do that after voting is over.

I was going through the Lomo group photo pool deleting fake lomos and came across a few that almost fooled me. I had to really dig down deep into my technical knowledge of the LC-A to decipher any inconsistencies between what I know a real lomo to look like and the photo I was looking at. It was kind of fun and I thought it might be a great way for people to learn about the characteristics of lomography, learn how to decipher technical details with their eye and improve on their photoshop skills with some constructive feedback.

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  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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