gabeos 8:08pm, 20 December 2012
I recently uploaded a picture of an "upscale California roll" served in a restaurant named Red Fin in downtown Seattle.. I was blown away!

What's the best sushi you've had recently? Please describe! :d
YVRBCbro PRO 4 years ago
I had the Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi. It’s pressed sushi with the top layer of fish torched, the color change is the natural fat cooking in the fish, to add a special and unique flavor a piece if charcoal is torched over the sushi as well incorporating a smoky flavor note. The salmon version is made with local salmon, jalapeno topped with Miku sauce.
Sylentjustice 3 years ago
Haven't lately, but that sound good for dinner - thanks for the suggestion!
eamadowms PRO 3 years ago
Dragon roll at The SitDown Cafe in Chicago's Hyde Park. Plump tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, and barbecued eel. I went a year ago and got addicted. It's now a weekly jaunt.
Dragon Roll
GABE-WISE [deleted] 3 years ago
I am forever in love with tamago. I attempted to make it at home but it just wasn't the same.

One Question. Do any of you have tips for photographing sushi? Despite my love for it, you will find no (maybe 1) sushi photos on my page. I have always had trouble.

14 y/o Photog
California roll I made at home( shared photo )
galwachs 3 years ago
I have made this sushi myself:
RAW by galwachs

It's not the best one, I have made other, I even made an inside-out one.
It was pretty good!
letyeu PRO 3 years ago

Nao Sushi on Kingsway, Burnaby (in Canada) is wonderful.
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