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Thorsten (TK) ADMIN April 7, 2015
Welcome to Food Photography Club

Submit your very best food photos for review. Please read the rules

Group Description

Meet the most talented food photographers and their Inspirational food photos. The Food Photography Club was created by a group of artists to share their best food photos and seeking to improve their skills in food photography and food styling.

The CLUB should give members also the freedom to join a conversation about food photography in general, trends in food photography and food styling, composition of food photographs and lighting.

You DO NOT have to be a professional food photographer to post. But your photos DO need to show regard for composition, lighting, white balance, focus (and other photographic elements) as well as food styling and preparation (either yours or another person's). Please do not post restaurant “snapshots” to the pool; "on location" photos (restaurant, in public places) are only accepted in this group as PLANNED shootings, where the location is part of the composition (and food is the focus).

Lastly, our members strive to be helpful and positive but also honest when giving feedback. Please be open minded about other people's opinions. They are, after all, just that: opinions.

We look forward to seeing everybody's work!

Read the Group Guidelines (Rules) carefully.

It is strongly suggested to read the thread on The art of critique and discussion culture in this group

Read also How to join "Food Photography Club" for more information


To add a comment code, copy the following lines

<a href=><b>Food Photography Club</b></a>. This comment was made in the Food Photography Club, the place for in depth discussions on food photography and critique.


...and paste them into your comment. Others will see this:

Food Photography Club. This comment was made in the Food Photography Club, the place for in depth discussions on food photography and critique.


Group Rules

First of all:
If you don't like and agree to all rules - don't join the Food Photography Club

(1) Members
Members of this group have a strong interest in food photography (with more than 20 food photos). Their portfolio should show their major interest in food photography, food styling, photographic composition and lighting. Within their portfolio members cover a range of different subjects, e. g. ranging from food and fluid stills to staged dishes or from sweet stuff over fluids to styled recipes. Members are communicative and are highly interested in a discussion about food photography. Hosts will occasionally visit the photostreams of members to check if their stream is following this rule.

(2) Group mission
This is an open discussion forum: critique and self-critique are strongly encouraged. By posting photos in the pool, you accept and respect the opinion of others. We encourage the exchange of ideas and welcome different opinions. Everyone has a different view on things. To bring these different views together is a central goal of this group. If you don't want others¹ opinions on your photos, don't post photos in the food photography club pool.

(3) Give and take
It is expected that each member be active in POSTING photos as well as in COMMENTING on others¹ photos. It is not necessary to comment on each and every photo, but it is expected that you comment on a more or less regular basis. Please give your honest opinion. Every comment has to be polite. Rude or personal comments will not be accepted.

(4) Critique
Members should always try to give a reason for their comment. WHY is a shot good, WHY do you like something (or think it doesn¹t work). This is more helpful to the person receiving the feedback. If you don't like discussions and critique on your photos, DON'T post here. It is suggested to read the thread on The art of critique and discussion culture in this group

(5) On Location Photos
"On location" photos (restaurant, in public places) are NOT accepted in this group. Photos will not be accepted.

(6) Submissions
Submissions will be reviewed by host first before they go to the pool. Decisions by host are not discussed.

(7) NO-NOs
... to re-submit photos which were already rejected. If a member constantly re-submit rejected photos the member will be removed without notification.

... to push photos back to page 1 one by deleting own photos from the pool and re-submit them.

... to submit non-food photos. Members will be removed without notification

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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