Focal Melissa 4:26pm, 17 January 2012
Photographic Lighting
by John Child/Mark Galer
Focal Press/page 176

Change the Sky to Change the Mood

The sky is an essential ingredient of any memorable landscape image. Unfortunately it is not something the photographer can control unless we have limitless time and patience. The commercial photographer is often required to deliver the goods on a day that suits the client rather than the photographer and the weather forecast.

In these instances it is worth building a personal stock library of impressive skies that can be utilized to turn ordinary images with bland skies into impressive ones.

The digital compact set to low ISO is ideal for capturing these fleeting moments. The most useful skies to collect are the ones that include detail close to the horizon line i.e. captured without interference from busy urban skylines, such as can be found at the beach or in the desert.
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