flukematcher/Gale PRO 2:01pm, 25 August 2012
Mandy saw Yoo Hoo (I think that is its name) on Stellwagen 8/17/12 Brier Island WSC saw it 8/22/12 off Brier Island!

Could you post the details Mandy or Shelley?
flukematcher/Gale PRO 6 years ago
CRESLI Great South Channel 2010 trip
Artie Kopelman saw this whale in the Great South Channel on his trip in 2010.

And Gene Flipse saw it again on Jeffrey's Ledge 09/20+/2012.
Artie Kopleman made the match!!!

The discussion is here.
flukematcher/Gale PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by flukematcher/Gale (admin) 6 years ago
ROGER ETCHEBERRY just made a match between Stellwagen and St-Pierre!!


This is his email:
"Just found a match between your "Chaise" HWC8598 photographed in Stellwagen bank on
July 2, 2011 and our spm0478, photographed by Joël Detcheverry about 20 miles South of St-Pierre on October 24, also in 2011.
Another evidence that some whales off your area in early July, go sometimes further North
flukematcher/Gale PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by flukematcher/Gale (admin) 4 years ago
Seen Seen on 6/28/13 & 7/15/13 in WBER

Was matched by Nancy Heins to a whale seen by Tina McMahon Ciarametaro on Cape Ann Whale Watch April 19,2014
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