ah_kopelman PRO 2:00am, 24 July 2012
A few days after seeing a young (25') humpback near Amagansett, NY, a humpback of similar size was seen near Point Judith, RI by the whale watching vessel of the Frances Fleet. Two days ago that same whale was found dead. I am awaiting photos from the stranding network to see if it was the same one I had photographed.

I hope not. Humpbacks have been sighted around Montauk Point for the past few days (although I didn't get the report until later the next morning. I'm headed out again on Wednesday to try and find them.

Here's a photo of the whale we spotted on 7/15/12. Other photos are available in the CRESLI/Viking Fleet 2012 Whale Watch group (or via my recent photos. If you recognize this one, let me know.
By the way, it had some significant scarring including an area on the dorsal surface of the caudal peduncle that was abraded through to the subcutaneous layer.


flukematcher/Gale 6 years ago
Oh no.... will relay this also.
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