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natalija2006 PRO 7:46pm, 31 March 2010
I've noticed that many shots were posted that were really beautiful but not even close to macro (or close-up). Since this is a group for macro shots please post only images that fit a definition of macro (or close-up):

Use of a macro lens does not mean your photograph is automatically a true 'macro'. In strict photographic terms, "macro" means the optical ability to produce a 1:1 or higher magnification of an object on the film or sensor. The lens is typically optimized to focus sharply on a small area approaching the size of the film frame.
Well, we won't go so strict with this but:
We want to see some things that are hard to see with the naked eye.
Thus, showing a whole animal or most of an animal/person/object/flower if the photo subject is larger than 5cm (2") may not be a true macro but an image shot with a macro lens. It is, therefore, not suitable for inclusion in our group pool. And just because you've got a small insect somewhere in a photo it doesn't make it a macro either...

For example:
Flower is 1cm wide, details visible: .................... or Tulip macro:
Rdeči mleček, Kristusov trn or Temen tulipan


And this image is NOT a close-up:
Navadni pljučnik

So please, don't feel offended if we removed your photo from the pool, that doesn't mean your photo is bad, it just doesn't fit the definition of what this group is about.

christabel's artworks Posted 7 years ago. Edited by christabel's artworks (admin) 7 years ago
NO 'macro' lens? NO PROBLEM!

You do not need to use expensive lenses to take photos which meet our definition of 'macro'.


This is a photo straight out of the camera (SOOC), taken with an average-priced camera and without any specialist lenses. It is NOT a macro:
flickr 1004090006 small
This is the macro which was 'hidden' in the above photo:
"Quick... look... over there..." by christabel's artworks
~ seen at full size, there is more detail than is visible to the naked eye - our definition of 'macro'.
Careful examination of your photos and the use of a 'crop' tool may reveal a macro within!!

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