Don_Gato (LoFi Photography) 10:21am, 10 January 2008
I'm happy to featuring on this group the magnific work of Natalia
thanks for acept to be our photographer of the week
Kiwi_GaL PRO 10 years ago
Thank you Toni :-)

I was so surprised as well as honoured that you asked i only have been a member of this group for a short time.

I just recently found out about this group from an invite i get in one of my images...and this has become one of my fave groups to post my macro flower work. If im not mistaken my first invite was from Helen (geisha) and you all have seen her fabulous work ;-)

Im totaly addicted to macro flowers and water i guess i'll start with my most recent fave

"heart of lily"
heart of lily

"come to me"
Come to me...



"be still"
be still

crowning jewel

"fly away"
fly away

Thanks again for choosing me and if there are any questions you would like to ask me just fire away....i would love to get to know other members of this group :-)
Angelique ( 10 years ago
YAY happy to find you here.
You already know I love your work.
You rock!!!
Kiwi_GaL PRO 10 years ago
Hi Angelique, thank you soo much! You are my inspiration girl! I love how you are so generously share your work are so damn talented and creative! I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart :-)
Really a collection of masterpieces Natalia, thank you very much and congratullations for all this beauties
Sharon Lapkin 10 years ago
Hi Natalia, It's nice to meet you. I'm glad you like our group. It really is a fantastic place with great people and awesome photographers. Your macros are so beautiful and innovative. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, and thank you so much for sharing these dazzling images with us.
silviaON PRO 10 years ago
such a wonderful work !! thank you for sharing :)
Marcia Salama 10 years ago
Splendid collection!!
Kiwi_GaL PRO 10 years ago
Thanks Toni, its a pleasure to be a part of this group :-)

Sharon, thank you for a warm welcome to the group. Im glad so many others enjoys my images as much as i do :)

Silvia & Salama, thanks for the lovely comments ;-)
Maureen F. 10 years ago
Natalia, so nice to meet you and see your beautiful macro images!
You are a wonderful photographer and I am purely delighted by these fabulous photos ! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
wonderful work natalia :)
welcome to the really belong :)
Duckprints 10 years ago
Beyond spectacular...!
borealnz PRO 10 years ago
Wonderful work Natalia, these are so beautiful!!
And it's great to see a fellow Kiwi featured too :-)
Breixo Pazos PRO 10 years ago
What a fantastic collection of beauties. Wonderful work, Natalia. Many thanks for sharing with us that incredible and inspirational gems.
Welcome :0))))))
Kiwi_GaL PRO 10 years ago
Awww thank you so much everyone, i feel honoured to have such a warm welcome to this group :-)

Maureen its nice to meet you too....looking forward to get to know you better ;-)

Helen, thanks girl.....specially for introducing me to this group :P

Jill, gosh its so good to see another kiwi in this group! I just added you in my contacts....looking forward to get to know you and your work soon! :-)

Duckprints & Breixo, lovely to meet both of you too....i will have to go thru your stream and check out some of your work too, although im sure you are all wonderful! ;-)
..karen.. 10 years ago
Congrats on such wonderful and beautiful images ... Are we allowed to ask 'how did you do that' :) I would love to how the little drop in 'jewel' just doesn't slide right off there ... which btw is so stunning ...
dawnhuc [deleted] 10 years ago
incredible, wonderful images!
Susie Surtees PRO 10 years ago
What a gift you have! Aren't we blessed you found your way to us so that we can see more and more of these extraordinary shots...Such crisp detail and creamy smooth bokeh. Beautiful, beautiful work Natalia...
V a n e s a 10 years ago
Wow!! Spectacular shots!!!

Excellent collection.
Seoulwoman PRO 10 years ago
Fantastic macro shots! Congratulations!
Bert V Jensen 10 years ago
Beautiful signature style...your drops and smooth flowing color are like magic...fantastic work.
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