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Chrisser ADMIN August 24, 2018
Click About for comment and invite codes. Invite your contacts who have flower photos to join here if interested. Reminder: ONLY flower topics and close-ups or macros are permitted. No Explore posters permitted unless it is only of close-ups, macros and flowers in the foreground that you photograph. Over 612000 members and over 1,000,000 items.

Group Description

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Seen in the <a href="">Flower Close-Ups</a> group.

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You are invited to join the <a href="">Flower Close-Ups</a> group.

Admin Favourite Of The Month - changes at the beginning of every month and will still continue even if the Admins Faves topics come to an end when there are just one or two admins left
(no selections being made indefinitely)

Flower Close-Ups - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

This group was founded on December 28th, 2005.


Is it the Flower Close-Ups group you're talking about? If yes, there was a rule change made

Close-ups and macros of flowers of all kinds, including flowers on flowering vines and flowers on flowering shrubs, along with flowering groundcovers, and buds with color are permitted, along with artificial flowers for those with allergies to real flowers. Seed heads of any and all plants are not permitted here anymore. And grass flowers, go ahead and post them. Artificial flower photos permitted if you have allergies to real flowers. And fluffy dandelion seedheads and other seedheads that are fluffy are no longer permitted and the same with fruits and vegetables, photos with birds, animals, insects that are either just on the foliage or if they are the big insects hiding flowers, people, photos of faraway selective-colored photos and photos that either have out-of-focus flowers or have no flowers at all. And if you have taken photos of flowers floating in water or growing in water, feel free to post those photos here as well, please and thank you. And also videos within the group rules and up to 90 seconds now permitted.

This group is now moderated with a limit of one item per member per day.

Junk comments, including anything obscene, are not allowed. Also, NO nudity and pornography photos will be permitted. Only Safe items are permitted. Off-topic discussions like religion, politics, saying something is a joke or violent crimes will NOT be accepted - they will be immediately deleted without warning. Those in the Administration are not allowed to be blocked. Anybody disobeying these rules will be in trouble. And members whose photos and videos are those stolen from other sources will be banned and not allowed back in. These are STRICT rules.

Mosaics, two-in-one photos, Photoshop modified including those where you made photos to look like negatives, scanned Polaroids, bouquets of flowers and panoramics are also permitted here. Also, flower close-ups made to look like posters in a museum using Dumpr are permitted, and so, too, are any motivational posters with Flickr Toys, along with paintings of flowers that you have photographed yourself. Even flower close-ups and macros modified with Picnik are welcome. Even those done in Selective Colour with Picasa are welcome.

Black-And-White and Sepia photos are permitted. Any water like a river, a lake or an ocean is not permitted in the pool unless there are flowers up close in the same photo.

This group doesn't have themes by the week, month or year, ever. But we do have competitions, including the Group Icon competition where only the admins have permission to vote. As with all competitions, each first-place vote is worth three points, each second-place vote two, and each third-place vote one. Entries eliminated by previous competitions are eligible for future competitions, including new Group Icon competitions.

Invite your friends or contacts if interested.

Competitions and threads relating to a flower type or color require the photo to be posted in the group pool so that the admins can be able to look at the different sizes of photos and edit the entries if necessary.

Unless photos are either completely deleted or replaced by the original admin of this group, none of the photos posted by the original admin can be removed by anybody but the original admin.

Posting Photos For Competitions Or Flower Category Topics
To post a small or thumbnail photo size in discussion topics, click on the photo in your photostream - must also be part of the group pool, click on All Sizes, click on Small or Thumbnail, then right-click on the first box that has the HTML code, click on Copy, come back to this thread, put your cursor in the Reply to this topic? box, right-click, select Paste, then click on Post Now. Do not post anything bigger than the Small size or smaller than the Thumbnail size.

Other flower groups that I've started
Bouquets And Container Flowers (only bouquets and containers of flowers or a flower where part of the container they are in are permitted here)
Daisy Type Flowers (only daisy type flowers including sunflowers, coneflowers and dahlias permitted)
Daylilies Galore (only daylilies are permitted; other lilies, including true lilies like tiger lilies and Asiatic varieties not permitted)
Dianthus Family (only flowers of this family, including Sweet William {Dianthus Barbatus} and Alpine Pinks {Dianthus Alpinus} are permitted)
Edible Flowers And Herbs (poisonous flowers and herbs not permitted)
Favorite Flowers (only close-ups and macros of flowers)
Flower Buds (only flower buds, including artificial ones if you have allergies to real flowers, permitted)
Flower Mutations
Flower Photography (sister group of Flower Close-Ups)
Geraniums Of All Kinds (only geraniums, including artificial ones posted by those with allergies to real flowers)
Hollyhock Family (only flowers like hollyhocks, mallows and hibiscus permitted)
Petunias (only petunias are permitted)
Poppies (only poppies of all kinds are permitted)
Prickly Plants (only plants that are prickly like roses and cacti are permitted)
Rose Growing (only true roses are pemitted; Christmas roses and rock roses are not roses and are not permitted here)
Shade Garden Plants
Shrubs (only for any shrubs including rosebushes; single flower or entire shrub photos permitted)
Spring Bulbs (only flowers that bloom in spring are permitted)
Tropical Flowering Plants (only plants that are tropical including canna lilies, dahlias and certain hibiscus are permitted)
Vines (only vines, including flowering vines like clematis and non-flowering vines like ivy, are pemitted here)

Some great flower groups recommended for joining
Fantastic Flowers (comment on photo you've posted after required; tag of "Fantastic Flowers" also required; group now set to one photo per day to prevent over-posting, especially by those who don't comment on the photo posted before theirs)
Flower Factory (three photos a day for the limit every 24 hours; admins of this group are doing an excellent job, whether it is posting photos that are selected as Admin Faves and to their Favorites, or denying photos that don't fit the current theme of the week and if they violate group rules; this group is now having only admins' postings show up in the pool right away, while members' postings have to be put into pending mode before either being approved or being denied; group now closed, sadly)
Flower Themes (three photos a day for the limit every 24 hours)
FLOWERS (three photos a day for the limit every 24 hours; group now moderated like Flower Factory)
One Flower Per Day (one single flower per day for the limit every 24 hours; photos of more than one flower not permitted)

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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