Hello Everyone.

Mak . 4:20pm, 7 May 2012
Hi, I'm Mak just wanted to put it out there that I'm not a flower photographer but here and there I take a few shots. Check my page out comment and criticize if you can.

@Doug88888 PRO 5 years ago
Hi Mark - welcome!
trishosenbrock 5 years ago
hi Mak, I am new here too, My photos are a little odd but I love playing around with them......
@Doug88888 PRO 5 years ago
Hi. Welcome
Gofaz2.0 5 years ago
hi guys and gals like mak iam not a pure flower photographer i take shots of what i find interesting check out my stream/sets if you want Btw i am new to this group as well ==))
Budding Rose3 5 years ago
Hello everyone, I am from India and love to click the nature, am just an amateur but still would like you to look at my pictures :)
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