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Steve Webel 2:30pm, 21 July 2006
Take some photos that in some way fit the theme of "Orange" and post your favorite ones here!

(Feel free to interpret the theme however you'd like.)

It's much nicer if you also label your photo with any relevant information or story about your photo.

For instructions on how to post your photo into this discussion, look here.

(Please do not post more than one at a time. Wait till someone else has posted before posting a second or third time. Don't forget to also post your photo to the group photo pool!)

Include the tag "Florida_USA-TPP_Orange" to be included in the slide show.

(101 to 120 of 120 replies)
tortuga_sevi1 7 years ago
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy says:

great ones
BEAUTY4FREE2U 7 years ago
diefenthaler 7 years ago
Goodland Marina at Sunset
antonina1999 7 years ago
FL pumpkin patch
Photomaginarium 7 years ago
dude and moon
Alida's Photos PRO 7 years ago
Orange sunrise:

Jupiter sunrise
mikell.herrick 7 years ago
The just set sun turns sky and water a deep orange, while an Egret wanders through the shallow waters of low tide in search of a meal.
Taken at Beso del Sol, Dunedin, FL - April 2011

Egret at Sunset 2
❀Patti-Jo 7 years ago
Market Umbrellas
vtrrbear 6 years ago
This was about 15 minutes before the sun disappeared below the horizon on Laguna Beach last Saturday night, May 21st.

Laguna Beach Sunset
kgething PRO 6 years ago
Faking Fall in Florida by kgething
loyce1023 6 years ago
CallieAndToby 6 years ago
Dried peppers in Blountstown, Florida.
Dried peppers.
Carla-K PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Carla-K (member) 6 years ago
Orange van on Key West

Orange on Key West
Amber Meri Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Amber Meri (member) 6 years ago
Anna Maria Island
fbflickr 6 years ago
Key West

CallieAndToby Posted 6 years ago. Edited by CallieAndToby (member) 6 years ago
Fishing at Lake Talquin, located near Tallahassee.
Lake Talquin fishing.
chrisrobison [deleted] 6 years ago
Taken at Heritage Village, Largo FL.

Steven Sobel PRO 5 years ago
Flagler Beach on July 4th
P Digs 5 years ago
Cocoa Beach
Sunrise over Cocoa Beach by P Digs
Lil Castner PRO 5 years ago
Do you see the gleam?
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